Leadership is a very important thing for everybody to learn and know from young ages to elderly ages. To us leadership is being heard and being a good example for everyone around you. This class helped us learn about becoming a great leader with our teammates, but also in life. These classes have made us want to help others that don’t have as much as we all do. To do that, we decided that we wanted to help a young 2 year old, Delaney Newton that lives in Livermore. Delaney is any ordinary little girl that has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She has undergone many surgeries and treatments, but still keeps fighting no matter what happens. This little girl inspired us.

We decided to sell homemade rainbow loom bracelets at Amador and Foothill girls’ varsity soccer games. As a result we raised $234.00. In the process of selling we saw many people we knew such as coaches and others in the Pleasanton Community. We told our customers about Delaney Newton by making awesome posters and signs. The way we displayed the bracelets and signs was by taking wrapping paper tubes and cutting slits in the tube and sticking a piece of paper in the slits. We put our bracelets on the tubes, and walked around to the screaming fans.

Doing this leadership project helped us see that we are lucky to have what we have and do what we do.

By: Bella Segundo, Penny Murphy, Immie Burstein, and Naya Williamson Rage U11 Orange 2

“Although she is little, she’s FIERCE”