My name is Meaghan Penrice and I am a goalie for the Rage U13 Orange team. I worked with Lizzy Shriber for my community service project and we did a bake sale to help support the National Stroke Association! A few days before the bake sale, Lizzy’s grandmother passed away suddenly of a stroke, which brought us the idea of donating our money to the NSA! The National Stroke Association works hard on developing the prevention, acute treatment, and rehabilitation for strokes. They provide life-saving stroke information and give voices to those denied their rights because of strokes.

We got together to do our bake sale at the Holiday Christmas Parade in downtown Pleasanton on the 5th of December. Lizzy made seven layer cookies and chocolate chip cookies and I made brownies and cupcakes, all for one dollar. Along with those, we sold candy canes for 25 cents each.
Business was slow during the start as people were watching the parade, but as we got later into the parade, more and more people showed up. Lizzy’s seven layer cookies were very popular with the adults and the brownies, cookies, and cupcakes were popular with children.

I had made a goal for us to raise at least $200, because our prices were pretty low. But, we exceeded our goal and got $313.85!
Doing this community service project made me feel pretty good about myself and how I was donating over $300, to help the fight against strokes. While it’s not very much, it can still help towards the association. By helping the NSA, it made me feel happy that they could use the money for preventing strokes, allowing more families to stay together. This whole project was a great experience for me. We’re really happy that we exceeded our goal by some way, and that the money we raised can be used to help the NSA.

Hi my name is Lizzy Shriber. For my Rage Leadership project Meaghan Penrice and I decided to have a bake sale downtown Pleasanton for the Christmas parade. My grandmother recently passed away from a stroke and I thought that it would be great to honer her. Megan and I both made Christmas sweets to sell and made more than $270 to donate to the National Stroke Association! We both felt very good after and knew this was for a great cause. Not only did we get to raise money, we also enjoyed watching the festive and exciting Christmas parade right in front of us!