We were invited to partake in the “Winter Wonderland Project” We really wanted to make the project our own so, we had a meeting and planned it out, and with a little help executed it very well. We decided the best way to make it our own, was to earn the money on our own to buy fleece to donate. We did this by cooking hot dogs, baking treats and other miscellaneous items and selling them at the Sports Park. Kira Broacha set it up with her sister’s U13 team that we would be selling refreshments on a specific date. We all prepped food, made signs and put our best sales face on. After 2 ½ hours and a lot of walking around to neighboring games , we made $114.00 dollars.

 u11orangebThe next Saturday after our own game, we met at JoAnne’s Fabrics, coupons and money in hand, and personally selected and purchased fleece to donate for the project. In total, we purchased enough to make 28 blankets and received additional donations of fleece. We enlisted our teammates, including Coach Walter, siblings and friends to help with the project and ended up with a great turn out. In total the entire crew made 89 cut and tie blankets. We were very grateful to be a part of making these Foster children happy and warm and felt fulfilled about the way we went about organizing our endeavors. We worked awesome as a group!

Thank you for the tools you have given us!


Molly Griston, Kira Broacha, Nikki Trucco and Lexi Trucco

U11 Orange
Posted: 1/5/12