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Recreational (Division 4) soccer is the largest component of the Pleasanton Rage Girls Soccer Club with approximately 70% of all players participating at this level.  The primary objective of the Recreational program is to provide a consistently positive soccer experience for the youth of our community.
There are two levels of Recreational soccer: Rec (House), and Flight.  Both levels are non-exclusionary Division 4 programs.
Please see the REC Program Description and FLIGHT Program Description pages for more details.

Fall Season Timeline

Team Formation
Rage has taken great care to develop team formation processes that provide the best possible soccer experience for our membership – players, coaches, and parents.  The Rec Team Formation processes are published so that everyone has the opportunity to understand both the process details and the foundational benefits and rationale.

Parents / Guardians
Rage has some great resources for you to enhance your understanding of the game as well as help you ensure the best experience for everyone involved in Rage soccer – parents, coaches, referees, and our player(s).  Please visit the Parent’s Corner and PCA page for more details.

Coach volunteers are always needed and coaching is a GREAT way to be directly involved in the soccer experience of the youth of our community.  Previous experience is not required for Recreational soccer coaches.  Rage is fully committed to providing its coaches with resources and training at every level.  Please visit the Coach’s Corner and PCA page for more details.

Our community is always in need of referees at every level of soccer, starting with very simple U9 recreational games.   Officiating games is another great way to support the club, the game, and the youth of our community.  Please visit the Referee Information page for more details.

Rage relies on the valued support of hundreds of volunteers every season.  Registration discounts are available to volunteers and there are many volunteer opportunities – Coaches, Referees, Age Group Coordinators, etc.   Please visit the Volunteer Procedure page for more details.

Mentor Program
Rage believes very strongly in the value of mentorship – both for the mentor as well as the mentored.  Our Big Sister & Little Sister program pairs older Rage teams with younger Rage teams to facilitate the mentor relationship.  Please visit the Mentor Program page for more details.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.