2019 Opening Day Parade – Sat Aug 24

Hi RAGE families! Saturday, August 24 is our annual parade and we’re very excited to kick-off a new season. We are still looking for volunteers and teams U12 and up who might want to act as “Big Sisters” and walk with a younger team. It’s a great opportunity for the older girls to be role models for younger girls who look up to them for nothing more than being themselves. All details are below, please contact colinchang@pleasantonrage.org if you are interested in volunteering.

Opening Day Parade – 50th Anniversary!

The first Pleasanton Youth Soccer Parade took place in 1969 and we are very excited to continue this tradition for its 50th anniversary! The parade has become a fun event for all Pleasanton families to enjoy and we hope you will all join us in this great chance to bond as one community.


The success of the parade relies on our fantastic volunteers who assist in making everything run smoothly. We have several roles which we ask for volunteers to fill:

  • Parade Route Monitors ( 6am-8:30am)
  • Age Group Sign Holders (6:30am-End of parade)
  • Set-up/Cleanup (6am-End of parade)

Please contact colinchang@pleasantonrage.org if you are able to volunteer. We thank you for all your support!

Big Sister/Little Sister Pairings

RAGE would like to reiterate that the parade is an event for ALL our age groups. In past seasons we have had older teams connect with younger teams to walk together during the parade as Big Sister/Little Sister pairs. It’s a great experience for all the girls involved! If your team is interested in participating in the parade as a Big or Little Sister team, please contact colinchang@pleasantonrage.org.


  • 6:45am: If you are attending the parade this year, please arrive at St. Mary and Main in downtown Pleasanton to line up and assemble with your team. 
    • Teams will line up by age group, the youngest in the front and oldest in the back. 
    • RAGE teams will line up on one half of the street, BUSC (boys) on the other.
    • Arrive early as parking can be difficult, and lining the teams up takes some time. 
  • 7:30am: Parade starts.   
    • Route:  South on Main, west on Angela, north on Peters, end at Peters and St. Mary.
  • Keep our downtown clean 
    • Please do not create costumes that shed – NO feathered boas, beads, or tinsel,
      all of which require hours of post parade cleanup by members of our club.
    • Do not throw candy or trinkets – doing so is a violation of our parade permit.
    • Make sure empty donut boxes, cups, etc find a trash can or are packed out.