Opening Day ParadeAugust 21st, 2021 7:30 AM START!

The first Pleasanton Youth Soccer Parade took place in 1969 and we are very excited to continue this tradition for its 51st anniversary! The parade has become a fun event for all Pleasanton families to enjoy and we hope you will all join us in this great chance to bond as one community.


  • 6:45am: If you are attending the parade this year, please arrive at St. Mary and Main in downtown Pleasanton to line up and assemble with your team.
    • Teams will line up by age group, the youngest in the front and oldest in the back.
    • RAGE teams will line up on one half of the street, BUSC on the other.
    • Arrive early as parking can be difficult, and lining the teams up takes some time.
  • 7:30am: Parade starts.
    • Route: South on Main, west on Angela, north on Peters, end at Peters and St. Mary.
  • Keep our downtown clean
    • Please do not create costumes that shed – NO feathered boas, beads, or tinsel, all of which require hours of post parade cleanup by members of our club.
    • Do not throw candy or trinkets – doing so is a violation of our parade permit.
    • Make sure empty donut boxes, cups, etc find a trash can or are packed out.


As the Pleasanton Youth Soccer Parade makes its return, we will be implementing the following public health measures:

– During assembly prior to the parade, age groups will be more widely spaced than in previous years in order to allow for more distancing between individual teams.

– During assembly, we encourage you to remain with your team as much as possible and to stay on your proper (RAGE/BUSC) side.

– Parade participants may choose to wear masks as an additional layer of protection, and this choice must be respected at all times by others in attendance.

– And, as always, if your player is experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19, or if you have had a case in your household in the past two weeks, please keep your player home.