GP 002 Team Treasurer Handbook

by Kathy Schoendienst & Ross Stonesifer

Team Treasurers - Thank you for volunteering to fulfill a very important role for your daughter’s Team.  This Handbook is intended to cover the standard duties of the Team Treasurers, as well as guidelines on various topics.
We have recently updated this Handbook to reflect several new procedures for the Club in light of various incidents that have occurred at other sports and nonprofit organizations. The purposes of these changes are twofold: to protect the assets of the Teams and to protect the Team Treasurers from suspicion of the misuse of funds. By being more transparent, hopefully there will be no justification for any accusations by disgruntled or suspicious parties. The new procedures include:

Team Treasurer Duties

Setting up Bank Accounts
Pleasanton Rage has an affiliation with the First Republic Bank (formerly the Bank of Walnut Creek) in downtown Pleasanton.  They have generously offered to set up Team accounts free of charge and will include free checks and an endorsement stamp.  (Note: some charges still apply such as overdraft charges, etc.)  When establishing the name to be printed on the checks, use “Pleasanton RAGE” followed by the birth years of the players (this will allow the account to stay with the Team for multiple years).  For example, the U-16’s would use “Pleasanton RAGE ‘95-‘96” (since the players in this age group were born between August 1995 and July 1996).  In order to differentiate the account names for the various divisions, please add “P” or “AC” for the Division 1 Teams and “Div. 3” for the Division 3 Teams.  Therefore the U-16 Division 1 AC Team would use “Pleasanton RAGE ‘95-‘96 AC” and “Pleasanton RAGE ’95-’96 D3O” for Division 3-Orange. If your team is designated by a color, use “O” for Orange, “W” for White, “G” for Grey, etc… after the birth year. This is to prevent confusion amongst the accounts at the bank. It is also recommended to exclude a printed address on the checks as Team Treasurers may change from season to season.

Maintaining Team Bank Accounts from Season to Season:  The First Republic Bank has requested that the Teams maintain their respective bank accounts from season to season where possible to help reduce their costs of providing this service to Pleasanton RAGE.  A small amount (at least $100) left on deposit will prevent the account from being closed. It is recommended that you do not distribute balances (unless significant) until after placements unless a player will not be returning to the Club.

Accounting Spreadsheets- (can be downloaded at bottom of page)
RAGE has developed accounting spreadsheets that you may use to perform the accounting for your Team.  They are a series of integrated Excel worksheets as follows:

These spreadsheets can be downloaded from the RAGE Website by the Team Treasurers. If you need assistance in setting up your spreadsheets with your individual player information, or if you have any difficulties with the worksheets, you may contact Kathy Schoendienst at 484-2015 or at  If you do not have Excel or wish to use another form of accounting worksheets you may do so as long as the same basic information is reported.  (Note: see attached copies of example Excel spreadsheets at bottom of this document).

Typical Financial Expenses
Although financial commitments vary by age group and Team, the following are typical financial expenses incurred by the Teams:

Delinquent Payments to the Club
Teams are responsible for making timely payments to the Club for any billed costs.  Any Team that becomes delinquent in their payment may incur such penalties as the suspension of training until payment is made, or other such penalty as deemed appropriate by the RAGE Board.

Delinquent Payments to the Team
Occasionally a family may become delinquent in their payments to the Team Treasurer.  The Club does not want the Team Treasurers to feel as though they must act as a collection agency on behalf of the Team and become frustrated with their duties.  If a family is delinquent in their payment to the Team and reasonable efforts have been made to collect such payments, the Club will assist the Team Treasurer in the collection effort.  Please contact the RAGE Treasurer for assistance in these matters. Penalties for the player may include suspension of the player from participating in training, practice, and games until their account balance with the Team is positive.

Roster Changes
From time to time there will be roster changes made after the beginning of the season which may have a financial impact on the Team.

Payment Plans/Scholarships
The Club will consider hardships on a case by case basis. There is a small amount of money set aside in the budget for such situations. The Club Treasurer handles requests for scholarships.


Team Fundraising must be approved by the RAGE Board. As a Club, we need to make sure we don’t violate Sponsor contracts. This includes Competing Sponsor uniform emblems or other advertising. The Club strongly encourages fundraisingactivities to reduce the cost of soccer and also for Team building purposes. See PIM 016.

Communications from the Club Treasurer and/or Bookkeeper to the Team Treasurers will be done primarily via e-mail.  If you do not have access to e-mail, please let the Club Bookkeeper know so that other arrangements can be made. 

Spreadsheet Assistance – Kathy Schoendienst, 484-2015
Please see the club directory for current contents.

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Adopted 7/21/2003
Previous amendments implemented – dates not recorded
Amended 3/31/2006, 6/27/2007, 5/12/2010 , 8/30/11, 1/21/14