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2704, 2018

Spring into Action

April 27th, 2018|

The Spring Into Action committee would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came out and made RAGE’s first ever day of service, a success.  We had more than 70 people volunteer their time at various locations around Pleasanton, including the Valley Humane Society, the Adobe Creek Clean Up, a soccer clinic for kids with special needs, baking goods, and running three hugely successful bake sales at our sports fields.  Our vision for the event was to encourage RAGE players to take time out of their busy schedules and give back. This year’s event was the beginning of a grassroots movement to encourage all of us to recognize how fortunate we are, and to give back to the community. We hope that everyone will participate next year!  

As part of this project, we held 3 bake sales to raise money, collect cleats, and build awareness for Girls Soccer Worldwide, a non-profit organization that uses soccer as a vehicle to influence gender equality and female empowerment.  Due to incredible support, we

1903, 2018

Costa Rica ODP Trip

March 19th, 2018|

I was selected to play for Region IV ODP and represent rage being the only player from the area to go.My trip to Costa Rica was truly an experience that I will never forget.Being selected for this trip was an honor because playing at the highest level is what I aspire to do.The environment we were in was as if we were the U.S national team,we all worked very hard to get onto this team and we wanted to win the tournament.My team had practice every day twice a day from the day we landed.We had a morning training,then lunch and off to our afternoon session.It was an amazing experience to play in a stadium for an international tournament.The competition was very hard and talking to some of the players after the game on the other teams was eye opening.They are all different ages ranging from 15 all the way to 34.

Once our game was over the teams choose who the thought the best player was on the other team,I played the whole game against our hardest competition and kept a shut out and had 7

2401, 2018

Team Breast Cancer Awareness

January 24th, 2018|

Kathy and I (Bella) decided since it was the month of October to have a team breast cancer awareness idea the whole month. We encouraged the team to wear pink items at practices such as pre-wrap, socks, and headbands etc. Then, we had everybody pitch in money for breast cancer awareness t-shirts that donated a portion of the cost to a local breast cancer fund as we wanted to encourage everyone to stay strong as well.

– Bella D. & Kathy P., Rage 04 Premier

2401, 2018

Brave the Bay

January 24th, 2018|

For our leadership project, we decided to do a fundraiser for Make A Wish called Brave The Bay. All participants had to pay to participate and the event had sponsors such as Subaru and Ghiradelli which donated money. We helped raise $50,000 and each wish cost about $10,000 so we were able to grant five wishes. The San Francisco police department hosted the event along with Make A Wish.

We helped staff the Snowflake shuffle which is a 5k run in San Francisco. It begins and ends in the Aquatic Park. Volunteers had to arrive at 7:30 so that we could get in our positions to lead the runners in the right direction. The participants started to run at around 9 am. The Snowflake shuffle ended around 12.
That was our project and we were glad to grant wishes to those in need.

– Maddie B. & Jillian B., 05′ Premiere

2401, 2018

East Bay SPCA/East County Animal Shelter

January 24th, 2018|

For our 2017 Rage Leadership Community Service Project, we decided to help our local animal shelters by donating goods such as handmade blankets, toys and treats for the animals. On November 25th we visited both the East Bay SPCA and the East County Animal Shelter to find out what they needed the most. Blankets, toys and treats were on the top of the list. We then went to the fabric store and bought loads of fleece fabric at a very steep discount. Then we went to two local pet stores and asked for donations. One store donated 65 new, stuffed toys! The same store gave us a great discount on some dog treats. At the other pet store we purchased some cat toys. On December 1st we started making the fleece blankets in 2 different sizes so that they would be good for dogs and cats. The four of us made 26 blankets and 23 handmade toys. We also received 56 handmade blankets from Mrs. Violichs 5th Grade Class at Walnut Grove Elementary in Pleasanton! On December 17th we gathered everything up (82

2401, 2018

Cleaning up our Community

January 24th, 2018|

In this project we are trying to help and save the earth by picking up as much trash as we could around our neighborhoods.  This keeps the earth clean and the animals safe from eating all the trash and getting sick and possibly getting injured or dying.  The total amount of trash that we collected was unbelievable we were so shocked that a lot of people didn’t stop to think about what would happen and the amount of damage it could do to a living creature, and how much dirtier it would make the earth.  Trash is a major problem all over the world, and we all wish that more people would step and help out around the world to keep it clean and safe at the same time.  We think that this is an important message to everyone around the world to help out in every way that you can because even if you help out in the littlest way you are still making a huge difference in and around the world.


I went around my whole neighborhood and to my community park picking up trash.

2401, 2018

Bears for Bliss

January 24th, 2018|

For my Leadership project I went through a process that allowed me to donate Build-A-Bears to Valley Children’s Hospital in Madera,  Agape Villages Foster Family Agency, and James Baldwin Academy a part of Seneca Family of Agencies in San Leandro. To raise money I made Rice Krispies Treats and sold them at Muirwood Park. After that I went door to door in my neighborhood to ask for donations. I also asked family and friends for donations. I  raised almost $2,000 and donated about 140 bears. This experience has made me realize that these kids are real champions. They have fought through a lot throughout their lives. This is something that I will try to keep doing as my life goes on.

– Presley B., U12 Orange

2912, 2017

Happy Holidays for Santa Rosa Fire Victims

December 29th, 2017|

For our RAGE Leadership Community Service Project, we decided to help the kids of Santa Rosa affected by the wildfires. My three teammates and I sponsored several Angel Trees, one per our four schools, by partnering with the Salvation Army of Santa Rosa. The Angel Tree program puts a child’s gift wish on an Angel Tree Tag. We also invited our whole team to participate by distributing 10 tags per player in addition to our 4 Angel Trees. Friends, family, students, and faculty would come and sign out a tag, or tags, buy the requested gift, and return the tag and gift to the tree unwrapped. We would each gather the collected presents weekly for the majority of December and then, on Thursday, December 14, a parent volunteer had to rent a U-Haul truck to deliver all the gifts we collected to the Salvation Army of Santa Rosa for distribution to the needy children. In the end we were able to spread the holiday spirit to over 800 children!

– Sienna, Natalie, Kanjanika, Saili, RAGE 04 Grey

1112, 2017

Kids Against Hunger Packing Event

December 11th, 2017|

For our RAGE Leadership Project, we organized a Kids Against Hunger packing event with both of our teams and our big/little sister teams. This project was done by Kylia and Isabella from the 06 Premier and Orange teams. We really appreciate the help from everyone who supported our project. Kids Against Hunger packs a variety of nutritional items into a bag that gets weighed and sealed to be sent to wherever it is needed. The items in the bag consisted of dried vegetables, soy protein, rice, and vitamin powder. We had to measure out all of these items and funnel them into the bag. When we packed the food, we chose to have the food sent to Puerto Rico. We chose Puerto Rico because they had recently suffered from a terrible hurricane. Afterwards, we learned we packed 6,480 meals. It felt good to know how we helped others less fortunate than we are.

– Izzy Montague and Kylia Oki, Rage 2006 – Orange/Premier

2702, 2017

Holiday Gifts for Local Kids and Families

February 27th, 2017|

Holiday Gifts for Local Kids and Families

Our service project was working with the Pleasanton Police Department to deliver Holiday Gifts to kids and families around Pleasanton who don’t have a lot of money to buy gifts. The P.P.D (Pleasanton Police Department) gave us a list of kids by age and gender that were in need of gifts. We shared that list with our soccer team and asked them to donate gifts for our project. Some people donated money for us to pick out the gifts instead. We also asked for donations from our friends and family as well. We then took the money that was donated and went shopping for the kids on the list we still needed gifts for which was fun! We ended up having a gift for all of the kids on the list! When we donated all the gifts to the P.P.D they told us we could go out with them to deliver them! We met the officer at the police station on Dec. 20th, 2016. They told us which items we would be delivering, and introduced us to the officer

202, 2017

Park Beautification  By: Helena, Sydney, and Gillie – Rage ’05 Orange

February 2nd, 2017|

park2For our service project we decided to help beautify our fields by picking up the trash at the Pleasanton Sports Park. We wanted to do our part to keep our awesome fields as clean and safe as they can be.

The issue that we wanted tackle was the appearance and safety of our playing fields. We are very lucky to have such great fields to practice and play on. We have seen other clubs fields and realized that our fields are a lot healthier than some others. Other fields have garbage and bottles left laying about. We wanted to participate in keeping our fields as clean as possible.

Our first step was to agree on a service project. This was pretty easy to do. We decided to pick up garbage at the Pleasanton Sports Park. To complete our project, we went to the sports park on a school night for about 2 hours to pick up garbage that was left behind. After we were done, we put the garbage into the trash can where it belongs.

3101, 2017

Bake Sale For The Homeless – ’05 Elite 1 and 2

January 31st, 2017|

For our leadership project, we did a bake sale to raise money for the women’s homeless shelter.  Overall, the people who contributed to the sale was Emma, Casey, and Brooke.  We baked all day making brownies, rice crispies, and cookies.  We then sold the goodies at Casey’s sister’s soccer game.  We also sold the treats at our own soccer games.  Our final amount we collected was $319.  We gave the money to Shepard’s gate (a women’s homeless shelter).  Overall, we had a lot of fun working together and giving back to the community.

501, 2017

Siena Q’s Dream Team

January 5th, 2017|

Hi, my name is Siena Queirolo, and I play for 05 Elite II. For my leadership project, I invited soccer players from different clubs to team up in the spirit of good sportsmanship, friendship, and compassion to pack food at Kids Against Hunger in Pleasanton.

Kids Against Hunger, or KAH, is an organization where they organize people to raise money and pack food to be shipped around the world to kids that need it. Haiti is an example of one of the places where KAH provides food. These kids don’t have any shelter, food, or sometimes even families. I really like this organization because I think they are doing a good thing by feeding hungry kids. Plus, it is a fun experience for groups when they pack food together. I did it with my soccer team during the summer as a team bonding event. We had fun doing something good for others.

It was important to me to help children that are not as fortunate as me. I thought I could accomplish more if I could get more people involved. I thought it would help me with my

501, 2017

Picking Up Trash

January 5th, 2017|

My name is Audrey and I am on the U-11 orange team. I decided to help pick up trash in local parks. I walked around in the parks looking for recycling cans and bottles and trash. After I picked up the trash I went to trade the recycled items for money in the Pleasanton recycling center. After I got the money I gave them to one of my teachers. Every year he makes these ornaments for the Children’s Hospital in Oakland. He buys the material and we help him make it. I gave him the money to be able to use it to buy more material to make the ornaments. I feel good about what I did though. Keeping the parks clean and helping other kids who are in the hospital beds instead of home. Overall, it was a fun and smelly experience.

501, 2017

Cleats For Kids

January 5th, 2017|

cleatsMy name is Julia Lindstrom. For my leadership project I wanted to do something soccer related, so I asked people to donate used soccer gear to help the Sayulita Fúútbol bol Club. On my family’s last trip to Sayulita we donated soccer balls to the club. At that point the club was just starting, but with this donation hopefully will allow more and more girls to learn of the opportunities presented to them by this club and they will get the amazing experience of playing for a soccer club on a team. I asked players from RAGE and BUSC to donate their used soccer gear to help give less-fortunate kids more opportunities. I was fortunate enough to receive many donations. Some of the ways that we gathered the donations was by waiting with a bin after soccer practices, having a bin outside of our house, and we sometimes went to people’s houses to pick up soccer donations. During my inventory, I counted 104 donations in total.s, including soccer cleats, jerseys, practice shirts, various sized soccer balls, goalie gear,

501, 2017

RAGE 04 Premier – East Bay SPCA

January 5th, 2017|



By: Ashley Heck, Erica Haley, Kaitlyn Lemus, and Kayla Robertson

Our names are Ashley, Erica, Kaitlyn, and Kayla.  We are from the RAGE 2004 Premier team. For our leadership project we agreed to raise money for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (“SPCA”), specifically the East Bay SPCA.

The East Bay SPCA is committed to the welfare of cats and dogs helping those that are injured, lost, or abandoned. Their focus is to raise awareness of animal cruelty and provide adoptions for cats and dogs. They are the East Bay’s oldest animal welfare organization helping animals since 1874.

Our goal was to raise $250 for donation to the East Bay SPCA.  We put our brains together and decided to make homemade dog treats.  One afternoon, we got together and baked lots of dog treats and placed them in nicely decorated bags which we sold for $5.00 each.  We sold our homemade dog treats at the Pleasanton Cubby’s Dog Park, around neighborhoods, and at RAGE soccer games.

We are excited to report we raised a total of $265 exceeding our goal. We delivered our donation to

501, 2017

Open Heart Kitchen Donation

January 5th, 2017|

Hi, we are Zoe Triantos and Emma Vollgraf  from RAGE 06 Grey team and we participated in the RAGE Leadership program this year.  For our service project we decided to help those who starve every day. We completed this project by hosting a bake sale in front of our school (Walnut Grove Elementary), and helped raise money and awareness.  We donated all of the money that we made to the Open Heart Kitchen Foundation in Livermore, CA.  We made over $18o from selling baked goods for $1.00, and other family and friends also decided to donate money so in total we collected $250.00.  This money will help the Open Heart Kitchen to feed five families.

Even though you may not notice it at the time but you are really helping someone in need!!  Every single cent of every single dollar could save someones life! I hope you consider donating to the Open Heart Kitchen Foundation, or any other place that helps those in need!

Open Heart Kitchen Information:

Location: 1141 Catalina Drive, Livermore, CA. They move around the bay area weekly ( San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton, and Livermore)

The Open

2912, 2016


December 29th, 2016|

books-for-barriosHi, our names are Kalena Johnson and Lulanie-Jolie Chauchie-Chop and we play on the RAGE U-14 ECNL team. We choose to work with BOOKS FOR THE BARRIOS. BOOKS FOR THE BARRIOS is a hands-on non-profit organization dedicated to donating books to kids in need in the Philippines. They give books to the schools to help with language immersion and ‌ education.

We were committed and passionate about earning money and collecting preschool-third grade colored picture books. We both like to read and get involved, and believe that reading is a crucial step in a young child’s education. We live in different areas which made collecting books twice as fast. We enjoyed making posters and engaging with other families so as to serve a better cause. We would go door to door and emailing, kindly asking for a donation. We sent out and printed information letters to our friends, family, and anyone else willing to help, explaining all the info about our project. After this, our parents drove the books to BOOKS FOR THE BARRIOS headquarters‌ in Walnut Creek.  We collected

2812, 2016

06 Elite – Open Heart Kitchen

December 28th, 2016|


Open Heart Kitchen

By: Olivia, Brooklyn, Sydney, and Paige

Hi, this is Olivia, Brooklyn, Sydney, and Paige. We are Rage 06 Elite. For our project, we went to Open Heart Kitchen. Open Heart Kitchen is an organization that distributes free lunches to kids in need. They receive free snacks over the weekend from their school every Friday. It was a really fun project!

We made little quotes to make things different, and more special. Some of the quotes said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted,” “Never stop learning,”“You are loved,” “Enjoy the little things,” and “ You are made to be awesome.” We hope the kids will love the messages.

ohk1We went to Livermore on Wednesday, December 21 after school. What we did was all four of us stood on one side of a table. There was food on the table. It worked like an assembly line. So first Brooklyn opened a paper bag. Then, she put one of the quotes that we designed, in the bag. After that, she put

2812, 2016

U11 Orange – Picking Up Trash

December 28th, 2016|


My name is Audrey and I am on the U-11 orange team. I decided to help pick up trash in local parks. I walked around in the parks looking for recycling cans and bottles and trash. After I picked up the trash I went to trade the recycled items for money in the Pleasanton recycling center. After I got the money I gave them to one of my teachers. Every year he makes these ornaments for the Children’s Hospital in Oakland. He buys the material and we help him make it. I gave him the money to be able to use it to buy more material to make the ornaments. I feel good about what I did though. Keeping the parks clean and helping other kids who are in the hospital beds instead of home. Overall, it was a fun and smelly experience.

2812, 2016

2006 (U11) Premier – Bringing Joy To Soldiers During the Holidays

December 28th, 2016|


In the 2016 Leadership class, the Rage 2006 U11 Premier team (Sydney Head, Gianna Masinter, Savannah Battaion, Reese Gotchall, and Siena Hunter) did our community project for the actively deployed soldiers. We believe it is a great sacrifice to serve your country!  Not only are you risking your life, but you don’t get to spend time with your families for the holidays.  We wanted to give them some JOY for the holidays. Each one of us got our classrooms, families and friends to write thank you letters to those who have served our country.  Then we u11premier2went out and we purchased different types of things identified as needed by the soldiers.  We also asked and received a donation of toothpaste and toothbrushes from Colgate for the troops and their families.  We wanted it send it to them for the holidays.  We purchased toiletries, a variety of nonperishable food, mini games, and some note cards so they could write to their families for the holidays. Then we all gathered at

2812, 2016

05 Elite I – Senior Center Lights Tour

December 28th, 2016|


Our names are Lauren Kenny, Katie O’Sullivan, and Macy Lehrer, (left to right), and our project was giving the Senior at our local Senior Center cookies and hot cocoa before they went on a trip to look at some of the best lights around town.  Because the buses were completely packed, there was no space on the buses for us.  Our project required us to be all matching, so every person made a part of their costumes and we all loved the final project. All in all, we had served lots of cookies, drank lots of cocoa, and had a lot of fun.

2812, 2016

Alana Hicks – ’06 Grey – Feed Those In Need

December 28th, 2016|

alana1 alana3Around the holidays it’s the perfect time to spread happiness around you town, so that’s what I did!  I decided to make a hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookie stand to get food for families in need.  I love to bake so I made dozens of chocolate chip cookies.  They are my favorite so I guessed that my neighbors would like them too!  I also thought people would want a drink to go with it so I made some hot chocolate.  I made a festive sign and stand and then went straight to selling my hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies.  When I told my neighbors what I was doing my stand for (food for families in need) people got very generous.  With the money I earned from my stand I was going to go to Safeway to buy their Feed Those In Need bags.  That is when you pay ten dollars per bag of food and then that bag goes to a family in need around the

1712, 2016

2005 Premier (U12) – Parkview Show

December 17th, 2016|


To help me, I brought along two of my friends, Irish Vaughan and Ella Srouji and my vocal coach, who also like singing. I first started off by telling them why I was there and then I sang a couple songs. After I sang, Ella and Irish also sang a few songs. After we had finished with that, we sang Christmas carols with them. I had brought lyrics to many different carols for them. It was so wonderful to see so many of them smiling and singing along.My name is Ella Thurlow and I’m a player from the U12 Premier. The three things that I love to do most in life are soccer, singing, and making people smile. I decided that for my leadership community service project, I wanted to make people smile and brighten their day. So I went to Parkview, a living complex for the elderly, and I put on a little show for the people in memory care. Since I love singing, I decided to make my show a singing show


512, 2016

Rage 05 Elite 2 – Open Heart Kitchen

December 5th, 2016|

05elite1 05elite2Hi, our names are Corin Cornwell and Gracie Segundo {right to left}.  Our project was a Food Drive for the Open Heart Kitchen.  We decided to do this because we wanted to help end world hunger and we thought that it would be fun!  As we did this, we were thinking that even though we had all the food and things we need, other people don’t.  So, we gave up some of our time to help them out.  First, we got some supplies, then we planned a date. We set up our table and went up to people to ask them to help us out.  Most people took our offer.  They gave cans of beans and vegetables and other foods.  We were so proud of ourselves because we didn’t know that something so small could help out so much!  There was one guy during our Food Drive, and he said that HE worked for the Open Heart Kitchen! He works so hard every day to give every person a

2801, 2016

U12 Orange – Wounded Warrior Project

January 28th, 2016|

Our military men and women have served and sacrificed so much to give everyone the freedom we have today.   My name is Jasmine Cochiaosue.   I am a member of the U12 RAGE Orange Team.   I want to thank my coach, Nina Cefalo, the RAGE organization, Erika Carlson, and all those involved in the Leadership Academy.   I have been given a great opportunity to show appreciation to our military heroes, past and present.

It is obvious that many people care, but they just don’t know how to show their support.   I want to share my experience and show all that even a small effort goes a long ways to recognizing and honoring our United States Armed Forces.

I decided to do a pledge run to raise money to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project.   The Wounded Warrior Project helps bring awareness, but most of all provides programs and services to our injured military heroes.   My family and friends donated over three hundred dollars as I ran the Bah Humbug 5K Run in San Ramon.   All of the pledges were donated to the

2501, 2016

Rage Leadership U-11 Grey & U-11 Orange

January 25th, 2016|

Our names are Emma Harbourne, Chloe Yeagly, Ella Patterson and Katie Guerra.  For our service project we collected canned food items and toiletries for those in need.  We chose the victims of the Valley Fire for the canned food donations.  We were so sad for them because they lost everything. The toiletries were donated to the Tri-Valley Haven in Livermore, which is a community resource for adults and children who are homeless or in need.

We started this project by handing out flyers attached to paper bags explaining what we were doing.  We dropped these off to friends, family and neighbors and were amazed at how many toiletries and canned food items we received.  We got together and sorted, counted and organized all of our donations.  We received 430 canned food items (396 pounds!!!) and 680 toiletry items!!!  Most of the toiletry items were soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste and lotion.

Our team is so excited to be a part of this incredible experience and give these items to those who really need it by Christmas.  We had so much fun

2401, 2016

U11 Orange & White – Valley Humane Society

January 24th, 2016|

We are members of the U11 Pleasanton Rage Orange and White teams. Our names are Ava Hofstede, Elizabeth Fineberg, Elizabeth Williams, Jordyn Scanlon, Lily Keegan, Kianna Tahmessebi, Paige Morgan and Sophia Marxoux. For our Leadership Service Project we chose the Valley Humane Society because we all LOVE animals!  As a group we decided it was important to do a project that helped out in our hometown of Pleasanton.

Leadership requires both a voice and good actions. Pets don’t have a voice to ask for help so we used ours to help them. We also used our actions to make their life and our community better. Together we made over 40 fleece blankets to help the cats and kittens stay warm and feel welcome at the shelter. The blankets we made by hand.  We also made over 100 cat-nip toys to provide some exercise and fun in ‘Kitty City.’  There is also a wish list at Valley Humane Society for much needed shelter items.  We each donated additional supplies to help the cats and dogs feel more comfortable and less stressed.

As the saying

2301, 2016

U13 Premier/EGSL – Open Heart Kitchen

January 23rd, 2016|

openheart1 openheart2Hi, our names Ella Melvin, Alli Jones, and Emily Gossett and we our on the U13 Premier/EGSL team.  For the RAGE leadership community service project we decided to collect cans for the Open Heart Kitchen. We started thinking of this idea during the holiday season. We chose to do this project because not everybody is as fortunate to receive the meals that we receive daily.

We decided to collect cans from our soccer team, family, friends, and neighbors. We started out asking our team to bring cans to practice to help us in achieving our goal of 100 cans.  After asking for cans from them we went around the neighborhood and asked for cans and told them about our cause for the Open Heart Kitchen.  On our journey around the neighborhood we came across a worker at the Open Heart Kitchen she said that she was very thankful for our work and that people will be very thankful for food we have brought in. We ended up collecting more cans than

2201, 2016

U12 Premiere Hayden Jolley, Natalie O’Sullivan, Sophia Minnite & Leah Allari

January 22nd, 2016|

NICU Books

nicu nicu2Hi! My name is Sophia Minnite and my whole group plays on U12 premier. My group decided to give books to the families that have babies in the NICU (Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit) during the holidays. The NICU is a quiet, caring and loving environment for preemie babies, but having a baby in the NICU can be stressful, boring, and emotional. Most of the day, family members watch and pray for their babies and reading to your baby in the NICU can help with development, hearing your voice, and taking up time. So we provided books for the families to get them through the holidays, hoping they will be home with their babies as soon as possible.

My group and I wrapped and wrote quick notes inside of children picture books. Then, after a soccer game, we all drove out to Kaiser in Walnut Creek and delivered the wrapped books. The NICU nurses were so thoughtful and excited when we arrived and handed them the books. They said they would

1101, 2016

RAGE U12 White – Alameda County Food Bank

January 11th, 2016|

foodbankHello! Our names our Gwen, Samaan, and Carly (left to right). We are from RAGE U12 white. For our community service project we decided to help out at the Alameda County Food Bank. We decided to help out the food bank because they needed volunteers and thought why not help out some of the people in need?

The Alameda County Food Bank is a warehouse that holds a bunch of healthy produce. They gather up volunteers that help package food on a daily basis. That day we were bagging oranges. The people that worked there said that the oranges don’t have to be perfect because they weren’t picky like us, they were just grateful to have food. This made us sad but we were glad that we got to help someone out that day.

At the food bank we did learn a lot. Did you know.. that they said that we could end world hunger by in 2018?! We didn’t believe at first but realized they were serious. With all the donations they got and what they had, we CAN end

601, 2016


January 6th, 2016|

Leadership Service Project

By: Lindsay Otto, Katy Nanney, & Jordan Peters

Team: U14 Orange

For our leadership assignment we chose a project where we collected supplies from our teammates and used them to create birthday boxes. These boxes would then go to kids who aren’t able to celebrate their birthdays. We asked each of our teammates to bring materials for a box. These materials were cake mix, frosting, $10 gift, books, and decorations. Each box was also labeled a certain age range, like an 8 year old girl.

u14orange2 u14orange1

All throughout the last week of October, our team brought us boxes of materials. We later met up to put together and wrap the boxes. Along with it, we made cute birthday cards. Adding a few things the boxes lacked, we filled each box with equal amounts of gifts, decorations, and cake. After, we emailed a Livermore shelter and scheduled a drop off date. On November 25 we dropped off the birthday boxes at the Tri Valley Haven Shelter. They were very grateful for

601, 2016

RAGE U13 Bake Sale

January 6th, 2016|

My name is Meaghan Penrice and I am a goalie for the Rage U13 Orange team. I worked with Lizzy Shriber for my community service project and we did a bake sale to help support the National Stroke Association! A few days before the bake sale, Lizzy’s grandmother passed away suddenly of a stroke, which brought us the idea of donating our money to the NSA! The National Stroke Association works hard on developing the prevention, acute treatment, and rehabilitation for strokes. They provide life-saving stroke information and give voices to those denied their rights because of strokes.

We got together to do our bake sale at the Holiday Christmas Parade in downtown Pleasanton on the 5th of December. Lizzy made seven layer cookies and chocolate chip cookies and I made brownies and cupcakes, all for one dollar. Along with those, we sold candy canes for 25 cents each.
Business was slow during the start as people were watching the parade, but as we got later into the parade, more and more people showed up. Lizzy’s seven layer cookies were very popular with the adults and the brownies, cookies,

601, 2016

U12 Premier Team – Food Pantry

January 6th, 2016|

My name is Kayli and I am on the U12 Premier team. When I heard that we would be doing a leadership community service project I knew exactly what to do, I wanted to help the hungry kids in the world.  

So on Thursday night my mom and I went to our church’s Food Pantry. Because it was the week before Thanksgiving, I helped pass out turkeys and groceries for the THanksgiving feast to the needy people in our community.  That was only the first half.

I also went to Kids Against Hunger to pack food for the needy people around the world. I went on Saturday and packed meals for the families in the Philippines.  My friends helped me as well as their parents from our church.  With over one hundred volunteers, we were able to  pack about 20,000 meals that consisted of rice, dried vegetables, vitamin powder, and soy protein.  In the Philippines we are making a huge difference because one bag can feed a whole family for a day.  If we didn’t do this they might not have

601, 2016

Ella Piergrossi – RAGE U13 White – Pleasanton Fire Fighters

January 6th, 2016|

 My name is Ella Piergrossi.  I am in sixth grade and on the U13 White Team.  I was excited to be a part of the RAGE Leadership Academy and complete a community service project.  Although many community service projects benefit the less fortunate, I wanted to support some of the people who risk their lives and take care of our community.  I chose to focus on my local fire station, Station 2.​ ​

The first step was visiting the station.  Even though it’s less than a five minute drive from my house, I had never been there or seen it before.  That gave me the opportunity to meet some of the firefighters and ask a lot of questions.  I learned each firefighter works a shift of 48 straight hours, each shift has 4 firefighters, and there are 3 shifts.  

Not being with their families around the holidays, I wanted the firefighters to have some holiday spirit in the station.  In order to make sure each of the three shifts were shown how much the community appreciates them, I brought

601, 2016

What If? RAGE U13

January 6th, 2016|

For my community service project, I decided to raise money for St. Jude’s. I first set up an account on St. Jude’s website, so I could ask for donations online. I then talked to Soccer Pro to see if they would donate a jersey for me to use in a raffle and they did. I called my event “What If” $5 could help save the life of a child. I thought people could donate $5 and enter themselves into the raffle to win a US soccer jersey. I also went out at night with my brother to sell chocolate pretzels for $5. We made over $300 by knocking on neighbors doors. I also sent an email to Pleasanton Weekly to see if they could post an article in the paper, which they did. My thought about this whole thing was that it was a great opportunity to help other kids that are in need. It felt good to know that I could make a difference in helping people. So far, I have raised $1100 for St. Jude’s. I have $1040 online and have mailed in $60 worth

601, 2016

RAGE U12 Orange

January 6th, 2016|

Hi, my name is Tiana Cello and I play for the U-12 Orange RAGE team. For my leadership project I have decided to raise money for my local animal shelter. Instantly, that was my choice because I have a huge love for all types of animals but during the planning of my project I was told of some terrible news. My family member found out she has a rare type of cancer. So, I had decided to split the money between my family member and the animal shelter. I raised the money by bagging up dog treats into bags tied with pink ribbon. Then my parents took me to the dog park, sporting events such as the NorCal State Cup and a local fair to fundraise. Some of my family members donated money too.

My goal was to sell more than 200 bags by the end of the year. Success!! I then took the money I raised to the Manteca Animal Shelter, giving a $100 donation to the manager, and the rest was deposited to my family member’s account @ https://www.gofundme.com/da78876k. Together fundraising over two hundred dollars

601, 2016

Alzheimers Patients

January 6th, 2016|

This Rage Leadership project was organized by Kenna Asmussen and Lauren Reeves. For our project, we decided to raise money and awareness for Alzheimers patients. We chose to focus our leadership project on Alzheimers because both of us have had family members or friends who have suffered from Alzheimers. We used the money we raised to make blankets to give to patients of the Sunol Creek Memory Care facility in Pleasanton. First, we called the facility to see how many residents they currently have. The facility currently has over 40 residents, so we decided to make a blanket for each resident, to make sure everyone felt cared for and included. Knowing we had to make a lot of blankets, we turned our effort into a team bonding event and invited teammates to help make blankets. Making the blankets with our team was great because we had time with friends and their efforts helped give to a good cause. Delivering the blankets was such a rewarding experience because all the patients faces lit up when we gave them the blankets. Handing the blankets

2812, 2015

Ashleigh Garcia – RAGE Player Combats Hunger in Tracy

December 28th, 2015|

Posted: Wednesday, December 23, 2015 8:44 am

Ashleigh Garcia Ashleigh Garcia

While some Tracy families exchange presents on Christmas Eve, Ashleigh Garcia’s family will be handing out 200 free meals at Dr. Powers Park.

Ashleigh, 11, is a striker for an under-12 team in the Pleasanton Rage Girls Soccer Club. Over the summer, she was selected to join the Rage Leadership Academy, a group of 20 girls from among the 2,000 club members.

As part of the leadership program, Ashleigh has to plan and complete a community service project.

“I wanted to do a project that would have a big impact on the community, a big impact on the people it helped and a big impact on me,” Ashleigh said.

She decided to raise money to pay for meals for people who might be hungry. She picked Texas Roadhouse to provide the food because her team has had fundraisers with the restaurant before.

“The project had to be done by the end of the year, so why not make it a Christmas meal?” she said. “There are some people that don’t have

1301, 2015

Laps for Lymphoma

January 13th, 2015|

Laps-2Hello! My name is Faith Johnson and I am on the Rage U12 Orange team. For my community service project, I organized a run to raise money for the Lymphoma Research Foundation called, “Laps For Lymphoma!” I used this idea for my project because my grandma passed away from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma recently and I thought that it would be great to do a run in honor of her. I also love to run and it was a great chance to bring the community together for a good cause.

How the run worked was anybody who wanted to participate came to a track and we ran or walked as many laps as we could in an hour. They donated either by pledging an amount of money per lap or giving a flat donation. The run was a huge success and we exceeded my goal of $1,500 that I was hoping to raise! I got 32 donations and the grand total that I collected was… $1,685! It felt so awesome when I totaled up the checks and found out how

901, 2015

Parkview Senior Center

January 9th, 2015|

Parkview Senior CenterOur team is the U11 Grey team. Our names are Ella Gervasoni, Lauren Reilly, Molly Smith, and Olivia Martin.  For our service project we volunteered at the Parkview Senior Center.  We brought them cookies, read to them, painted their nails, and plan to make crafts with them in the future.

At first, we were a little nervous about how they might act towards us.  But after we met them we realized they were very kind and happy to have us there.  They asked us about ourselves and thought we were good readers.  We read picture books to them and they told us that we had “good language” and they liked the books that we chose.

Parkview Senior Center One woman named Gale had family that lived locally but when we asked about them and if they visited she said, “No, they don’t”.  She was very happy to have young visitors and it made us feel good that we were able to brighten their day just by visiting them

901, 2015

Blankets for Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital

January 9th, 2015|

Reese Lombardi U12 Orange
Sammie O’Brien U12 Orange

Blankets-for-Lucille-Packard-Children-HospitalFor our RAGE community service project we got together and made 20 tie blankets to give to the kids at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. We bought the material and made all the blankets to give to the kids. We decided to do this so we can put a smile on the kids faces. It is not fun to be in a hospital so if you give them a little present I could make their day. It is the little things that matter in life. The blankets we made will be delivered by a nurse that we know, who works with the children!

3112, 2014

Taylor Metz and Allie Defazio

December 31st, 2014|

Taylor Metz and Allie DefazioThis leadership project was done by Taylor Metz and Allie Defazio. For our project we decided to raise money to donate to The American Brain Tumor Association. We chose to donate to this cause because we can relate to it. Our former assistant coach, Ashley Cingly, passed away from a brain tumor about 2 years ago. When we found out we had to do a community service project, this was the first thing that came to mind.

Ashley was only our soccer coach for a short time before she passed, but she left a huge impact on my team. She taught us to play everyday like it could be your last. Because it very well could be. It was really fun doing this project, because I knew we were raising money for a great cause. Thousands and thousands of people suffer from brain tumors so we were happy knowing we could be a part of donating to the American Brain Tumor Association.

Coming up with an idea to raise money and awareness

3112, 2014

RAGE Leadership – Community Service Project Kelly Fietz – U11 Grey

December 31st, 2014|

My name is Kelly Fietz and I am on the RAGE U11 Grey TeamAs part of the RAGE Leadership Program I chose to do my Community Service Project for the Dublin East Bay SPCA (Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals) because of my love for animals.

I decided to first start my project by visiting Petco and PetSmart, in Dublin, and asking them for donations. Both Managers were very generous and donated

3112, 2014

U12 Orange

December 31st, 2014|

u12Orange1My name is Sydney Walsh and I play for the U12 Orange team. For my community service project, my family and I helped the organization Turning Wheels for Kids make bikes for underprivileged kids for Christmas. Turning Wheels for Kids provides children with brand new bikes to encourage life long habits of exercise and outdoor activity.


u12orange2My family and I went to the Pleasanton Fairgrounds, where we would build the bikes. The goal was to make 750 bikes. My mom and I were paired with an adult I didn’t know.  Luckily, he was an expert on bike building so we had a good partner.  We had to put the bike together, pump up the tires, and then roll it over to the Quality Control center.  Quality Control checks the bikes to make sure that they are perfect for the kids. The bikes were then loaded onto trucks were they were driven to a warehouse. Then local charities will pick them up and give them to kids in need. My group made

3112, 2014

U11 Orange

December 31st, 2014|

Rage-U11-OrangeMy name is Evette Allari, and I am on the Rage U11 Orange team. When I found out I had to do a community service project, I knew exactly what to do. I wanted to do a book drive because I love to read.

For my first step, I had to find a local organization that could use children books. I contacted the owner of Towne Center Books, our local bookstore. I told her I was planning a book drive, and I was looking for a local organization that would need books. She said that the “Booklegger” volunteer group at the Pleasanton Library might be collecting books for a school in Stockton. I emailed the “Booklegger” coordinator, Chris Spitzel, and she was able to provide me with the Stockton contact person, Jeff Keller, who is director of educational services at the Stockton Unified School District. After Chris Spitzel gave me his contact information, I sent him an email asking if he wanted books. He said he was very interested and appreciated my help and support.


1612, 2014

U-11 White

December 16th, 2014|

u11white1Our names are Leila Lyions, Bela Jimenez, and Morgan Pearson and we play for the U-11 White Team. For our community service project, we helped the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Oakland with their annual Thanksgiving Day dinner event. This event introduces incoming refugees to Thanksgiving. We collected hygiene products, craft supplies, and soccer balls from donations. With these donations we put together 33 bags for the refugees. We also made tons of rainbow loom bracelets for the kids.


u11white2At the church, we played soccer in the pouring rain with some of the kids. Eventually, it started to pour so hard we couldn’t play outside so they said we could play in the hall. We also helped the kids make ornaments, paper snowflakes, origami, and we helped them draw. The ornaments were supposed to have a little reindeer on them, but kids got really creative and made up their own ideas.


At the event, we met many different families including the most recent Syrian family who just escaped

1612, 2014

U-11 Orange

December 16th, 2014|

u11OrangeWe are part of the Rage U-11 Orange team. Our names are Ashley, Maddie, Caitlin, and Maggie. For our Community Service project we decided to make blankets with the elders at Stoneridge Creek Community. We made blankets with the elders, and we had a blast! They all had smiles on their faces, and we made their Thanksgiving Day a little bit better. Working with the elders was a fantastic experience. They made our day, and we hopefully made theirs. Stoneridge Creek Community helped us a lot by, donating their time, and also giving us the felt for actually making the blankets.

After making the blankets with the team and the elders, the next day, we drove to the Oakland Children’s Research Hospital to deliver the blankets. When we were there we got to meet Ms. Veronica. She told us all about the hospital and what she does. We got taught how they deliver the blankets to the children, and how they always put a smile on their faces. Ms. Veronica thanked us many times from donating the blankets,

206, 2014

RAGE LEADERSHIP PROJECT U12 Premier – Kieran Wallac

June 2nd, 2014|

My name is Kieran Wallace and I choose to work with E-Soccer as my Leadership Project. E-Soccer is a free soccer full-inclusion program for kids with special needs ages 5-18 run by Broch Brody. The special needs players learn basic soccer skills as well as how to interact with others. The volunteer coaching staff provides one-to-one or small-group training.  E-Soccer meets once a week and provides great encouragement and support to special needs families in the community.

I didn’t know anyone the first time I went to volunteer at E-Soccer but all of the volunteer coaches were very welcoming and I looked forward to working with the participants.  I felt very comfortable working with these kids because I have a 7 yr old brother with special needs.  I helped out with the 5-8 year olds.  It was really fun to use my experience with someone with special needs and teach the kids the sport I love.  In the beginning of the season, the older first time volunteer coaches who had no experience with kids with special needs would watch how I interacted with the athletes and got them to participate in the activities.

2402, 2014

Valley Humane Society

February 24th, 2014|

For the RAGE Leadership Project I knew right away what I wanted to do. I wanted to help the Valley Humane Society.  Besides soccer on the U11 White Team, I have a love for animals, especially cats & kittens. The first thing that I did was to look on their website to see their wish list of the items that they needed and printed it out.  Next, my Mom and I visited the Valley Humane Society to ask questions like is the wish list current or what events are coming up. We found out about a Christmas event where you get a tag from their Christmas tree and it tells you about something  that they need. We picked two tags, one said to buy a heating pad for kittens and the other said to buy Friskie’s Party Mix, also known as a cat treat brand. We then bought the two items and put them under the tree. Afterwards, I played with the kittens and the cats. After Christmas we checked the wish list again to see what they still needed. They still needed cat toys, cat treats,

2402, 2014

Kids Against Hunger Leadership Project

February 24th, 2014|

kids2For our leadership project we went to Kids Against Hunger to help pack food for kids. We invited some teammates and friends to help pack food with us. When we got there we put on our apron, hairnets, and rubber gloves; then we got started.  First we watched a video on needy kids in Hatti. (That is the place we would be sending the food.) In the video Kids Against Hunger gave food to the kids unfortunately  some didn’t get any; so this challenged us to pack food for everyone that was in need. First they taught us how to pack the food, and what to put in it. We each had a different job, and to remember the order we were supposed to put the food in the plastic bag we made up a song. The food was healthy and provided with protein. Some of the jobs were: holding the plastic bag, then putting in the wheat, veggies, protein powder, and rice. After we put everything in we handed it to the person who weighed

2402, 2014

U13 Orange

February 24th, 2014|

This winter Haley Roundtree, Isabella Adamos, and Addyson Mapes participated in the RAGE leadership program. They were all very excited to be selected and have the opportunity to learn how to improve their leadership skills and complete a team project together that benefited the community. The three girls play on the U13 Orange Soccer team for Coach Trisha Gonzales. For their leadership project they decided to raise money to donate to the Red Cross in order to help the survivors  affected by the typhoons in Hayian, Philippines.

 Money was earned by having a bake sale. The bake sale took place on the weekend at Fallon Middle School and captured the attention of those attending and participating in club games.  People had a chance to purchase cookies, brownies, hot chocolate and candy canes. In just one weekend of selling baked goods, the group raised over two hundred dollars.  The hope is that the donation, coupled with other resources from the Red Cross can help at least 20 people by providing them needed food and shelter.  

The team immediately knew they wanted to help this charity when they

2402, 2014

Bracelets for Delaney

February 24th, 2014|

Leadership is a very important thing for everybody to learn and know from young ages to elderly ages. To us leadership is being heard and being a good example for everyone around you. This class helped us learn about becoming a great leader with our teammates, but also in life. These classes have made us want to help others that don’t have as much as we all do. To do that, we decided that we wanted to help a young 2 year old, Delaney Newton that lives in Livermore. Delaney is any ordinary little girl that has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She has undergone many surgeries and treatments, but still keeps fighting no matter what happens. This little girl inspired us.

We decided to sell homemade rainbow loom bracelets at Amador and Foothill girls’ varsity soccer games. As a result we raised $234.00. In the process of selling we saw many people we knew such as coaches and others in the Pleasanton Community. We told our customers about Delaney Newton by making awesome posters and signs. The way we displayed the bracelets and signs

2402, 2014

U11 Orange 1 – Gingerbread Pre-school

February 24th, 2014|

My name is Maille Smith, a u11Orange1 player, and I participated in the Soccer Leadership Program 2013-14. At the end of the program we were asked to do a community service project. For my part, I decided to give back to my old school Gingerbread, by offering to work in a few of the classrooms that I first attended school at age 4. I offered to work on my 4 half days off from 5th grade in November when we had conferences. I was given the opportunity to work side by side with some of my old teachers, who welcomed me back with smiles. It was very fun. They put me to work aiding in projects, setup and indoor play, reading, teaching, outside play, and clean up. My old teachers appreciated that I was there to help and were very nice. The kids were pretty wonderful too. I met and played with two French red-headed twins who are 3 years old and who didn’t speak much English! Lots of the little girls loved to play with me, which made me feel great about helping.

2402, 2014

U14 RAGE Premier

February 24th, 2014|

Ever since the first day, we knew exactly what we wanted to do. We, (Lauren and Jennie), wanted to do a project to help kids who didn’t have the privilege to play soccer. We decided to collect old and new soccer supplies and give them to the third-world countries. The supplies were received from members of the Pleasanton RAGE Soccer Club, San Ramon Indoor Sports, and also people we know.

            We started by contacting Soccer Pro and asking where they donate their supplies because they do this service also. They gave us the number of the guy and we called right away. Now that we had our donation center, we needed to get the supplies. We set up a bin in the Rage offices and started collecting on December 9, 2013, and stopped on January 20, 2014. It was a huge success! Lauren had to go empty the bin every week!

            In December, we had a meeting with the owner of San Ramon Sports, asking if we can have a bake sale and have a donation center for a day. He said yes so a few days

2402, 2014

U11 Grey

February 24th, 2014|

We are the Rage U11 Grey team. In our group we had Hope Bergmark, Clare Beer, Olga Merkadeau, and Ella Camp. We thought of many charities, but since we all love animals we decided on helping the East Bay SPCA for our community service project.

u11Grey1After the first meeting for leadership our group thought about having a bake sale and selling lemonade the next day. So we decided to meet at one of our houses to prepare. That morning we met up, got our supplies together and headed over to Val Vista. We set up our stand and spread out the baked goods. Next two of us decided that we should go out on foot and sell to the people on the field. There were many generous people who bought lots on treats or made donations, however one person stood out and gave us a twenty dollar donation and told us to have a treat. That day we raised $118. At the next meeting we decided that we should have one more bake sale. We met up

611, 2013

U11 Orange – US Marine Core Reserver Toys for Tots

November 6th, 2013|

For our Rage leadership project, Noelle Marceno and I chose to support the US Marine Core Reserve Toys for Tots program. The purpose of this charity is to provide toys for under privileged children. The success of this program is dependent on people’s generous donations of new, unwrapped toys to be handed out to kids during the Christmas season. Without this program, many of these underprivileged kids would not have presents for Christmas.

U11 Orange – Toys for Tots

Our goal was to get as many donations as possible. To achieve this, we wrote a letter containing the program details and gave it to all the people we knew. We asked them to donate a toy and told them we would pick it up from their house and would deliver all the toys we collected to the Marine Core reserve center. We collected three huge boxes of toys! This meant we could help brighten the Holiday season for a lot of kids.

Toys for Tots is a fantastic nonprofit organization. It made us feel really good to help out kids who are less

2002, 2013

Fleece Blankets for the Children of Children’s Hospital Oakland

February 20th, 2013|

Hi my name is Tiara Lewis and for the community service project I made fleece blankets for the children of Children’s Hospital Oakland.

To start out I went to the fabric store with my mom and purchased blanket kits. We got many different kinds of blankets: kids, teens, animal, cartoon, and sports.

My mom and I went to Children’s Hospital Oakland after the holidays because lots of people come in around that time and I felt it wouldn’t be as special. When we got to the hospital I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I met all the nurses who were so happy to see what I had made for their patients.

terra2b I came to the first room and opened the door, there was a little girl and she was the cutest thing ever. All the nervousness went away and I handed her a blanket with a smile on my face. I gave a blanket to a teenage boy who was not able to talk and could not move on his own, but I handed

701, 2013

U12 Premier Leadership Project 2012

January 7th, 2013|

Allison Hunter

Five of us from U12 Premier worked together to complete our community service project for the RAGE Leadership Program.  The five girls are:  Allison Hunter, Allison Jenezon, Ashley Cole, Kate Hottinger and Kylie Racer.  We decided to do a project to help the local Valley Humane Animal Shelter.  As a group we decided to make blankets for the dogs and cats that are waiting to be adopted.  We also decided to collect donations for the shelter. 
u12p2On a Saturday after one of our games we went to Valley Humane and talked to them about our project.  They had just received 8 rolls of fleece and were very excited that we had 5 girls that could help cut and tie the fleece and make blankets.  Additionally we had already purchased fleece for blankets.  In all we made 49 blankets!  Now every cat will have a blanket to keep even when they get adopted.  To help pay for the fleece we bought we sold mistletoe to friends and family and raised enough money to cover the cost.

701, 2013

The George Mark Children’s House

January 7th, 2013|

We are five members of the U12 Orange RAGE soccer team. Our names are Leila Shafi, Abby Fried, Kasey Cring, Sarah Mirr, and Maggie McPeek. For our leadership project,  we fundraised for a non-profit organization called the George Mark’s Children’s House. This is a house that serves children that are terminally ill and their families so they can live in a homey atmosphere that provides medical care, while still having fun in a place that is fun loving, yet supportive in a medical manner.

We raised money by starting a bake sale at the Pleasanton farmer’s market, and asking for donations, while advertising this foundation. We also sold baked goods to the people that donated. So far we have raised about $666.00. We plan to keep on raising money for this house until we reach our goal of $1,500.00 or more. According to the foundation, our contribution will help them fulfill their mission for the children and families that they serve.

We worked together by having meetings and get-togethers to make the supplies needed for our two bake sales. We all baked, advertised, and fundraised together. Our

2112, 2012

U11 Black Raises Money for Breast Cancer Awareness

December 21st, 2012|

Hi, our names are Julia Damiani, Emily Verbeck, Grace French, MacKenzie Wiedel, and Annika Laberge-Shusterman.

We are from the U11 Black Rage soccer team and we are in the Rage leadership program. For our community service project, we chose to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and the Susan G. Komen Fund. Our group chose breast cancer as our cause because one of our grandmothers was diagnosed with breast cancer over this past summer.

u11black2bWe had a bake sale on November 17 on the corner of Main St. at the farmer’s market in Pleasanton. We made various kinds of cookies, brownies, and muffins. Our group was able to raise $325 for this great organization. During the morning at the farmer’s market, we met many people who were very thankful for what we were doing, including a man who bought numerous baked goods and then donated them back to us to resell and raise more money. We werevery happy to raise money for a great cause and do something fun at the same time. We

1712, 2012

U11 Orange Team – Toys and Treats for Valley Humane Society

December 17th, 2012|

Our names are Michaela Riter, Peyton Raun, Kate Reedy, Ashley Atkinson, and Hannah Deljkic. We are from the U11 Orange Team and we participated in Rage Leadership. For our community service project, we chose to make toys and treats to put under the Valley Humane Society Christmas tree. We did this for the dogs and cats, which need a home for this holiday season. Prior to the visit to the shelter we got together at Ashley’s house and began to make toys for the animals in need of a home for the holidays. The toys were made out of soft braided fabrics. We also made puffballs for the cats. We each went home and tested them on our own pets. Then we made homemade treats in holiday shapes. We met Shoshanna Reed at the Valley Humane Society and brought the goodies in on Monday the twenty sixth. She gave us a tour of the shelter while we gave attention to the dogs and cats wanting to be adopted for the holidays. We visited Kitty Corner and Doggy Drive where the animals were. We put most of the

712, 2012

Leadership U14 White – Clark, Hickey, Meier, Schemidt, Harizal

December 7th, 2012|

Hi, our names are Caroline Clark, Emily Hickey, Emily Meier, Jessica Schmidt, and Allison Harizal. We are from the U14 White Rage soccer team, and we are in the Rage leadership program. For our community service project, we chose to raise money and donate blankets to the Benham Blanket Drive, organized by Natasha Benham-Erdi, who was sending blankets to families in Port Jefferson, New York, a little town that was greatly impacted by Hurricane Sandy. We had a bake sale at the Sports Park to raise as much money as possible to buy blankets, and we ended up raising $170. We used that money to go to Target and buy ten big blankets. Then the next day we brought the blankets to the drop-off site, The Bracelet Bar downtown. During this process, we met many people who were very thankful for what we were doing, including a man at the bake sale, our cashier at Target, her manager, one of the women who was collecting the blankets, and Natasha Benham herself, although we didn’t get to meet her (she sent an email). We were very glad to

512, 2012

U12 White Leadership Project

December 5th, 2012|

Provide Blankets and Treats to Animals in a Local Shelter.

Besides our love of soccer, our love of animals was another thing we all had in common too! We decided to get blankets and treats for animals in a local shelter!

We didn’t want to just buy these items; that would be too easy, so we decided to hand make the blankets and bake treats ourselves! The 5 of us from our U12 White team brainstormed about how to get this done. Turned out there were 5 different things to do to get our project completed successfully! We worked on the project step by step with all of us participating in each step as a group. Click Here to read story.


1201, 2012


January 12th, 2012|

Hi, our names are Sadie Grozier and Ashley Morton. We play for Pleasanton RAGE U13 Orange. This year we were involved in their leadership program. For our community project, we decided to collect items for www.pleasantonmilitaryfamilies.org. This group collects donations to prepare holiday packages to be delivered to troops that are overseas. In order to make our project a success, we needed to ask for donations. We decided to ask our teammates, friends, family, and churches for help. The items we collected were simple, everyday items that we take for granted like Chapstick, gum, snacks, and toothpaste. We also received cash donations that allowed us to purchase socks, T Shirts, and other items. We were able to collect so many items. In all, we collected about 7 Trader Joe’s bags and 3 large boxes full of donations. Our mentor, Tracey Buescher, was very happy. She is one of the Co-Chairs of Pleasanton Military Families. We were very lucky to have her help through all of this. Pleasanton Military Families is a great organization to donate to if you want to show your appreciation for our military personnel.


701, 2012

SPCA Giving Tree Project

January 7th, 2012|

For our leadership project, we first started with a meeting at the SPCA. We decided as a group to do the giving tree. The giving tree is where people select ornaments from the tree that has items that they need for the animals. We started with decorating ornaments, then set up the tree and hung up the ornaments. Every week somebody from our group would come by and check on the tree and put the donations in the donation room. This project continued through New Years. We are excited to see that there were a lot of donations for the animals. We collected a wide variety of items for the SPCA.  Some of them include dog and cat food, a large box of leashes, dog kongs (chew toys), cat scratcher towers, a large dog bed, chew bones and pet snacks, dog and cat collars, and money donations.  At the end we collected all of the addresses of people who donated and hand wrote thank you notes to them. We are happy that we could help the SPCA, take a part in saving animals lives.

Quinn Lombardi, Holly Judson,

501, 2012

The Giving Tree

January 5th, 2012|

For my leadership project, through my soccer club, Rage, my four teammates and I decided to do the giving tree. This project was a program that the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) did every year around the holidays. Our job was to set up a fake Christmas tree, and decorate it with tons of paper ornaments saying what they needed for the animals.

 At first, I was thinking that the project would be a lot of work, but then I realized that if I tried my best, the animals living there would get a benefit from it. After spending hours making over 60 ornaments, I was extremely tired. With all of the help from my mom and my younger sister, things were much easier. Once this task was finished, my group and I could go to the SPCA and put up the tree, decorate it and put baskets under it. On a hot Wednesday after practice, we all arrived at the SPCA. An employee there, Ellen, told us to get the tree, decorate it and then she would lead us to a closet full

501, 2012

Help for Fellow Soccer Player

January 5th, 2012|

In October 2011, one of our fellow soccer players from Tri-Valley Force was diagnosed with bone cancer. She had been in a great deal of pain and had seen a Physical Therapist for some time before the therapist recommended her to see a doctor. It was then she discovered the bone disease.

Breezy has been very sick and her medical bills are very high. So, after my team had heard about Breezy’s game at Amador High School, my coach, mom, and I found it the perfect opportunity to raise money for Breezy. With the help of my mom we contacted many people to tell them about Breezy’s fundraiser. I hand made the poster and talked to people to encourage them to donate. In the end we raised $643.00! We have sent the money to Breezy’s family and we really hope it helps.

Thank you for teaching us about leadership,

Karin L. McCarty

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Posted: 1/5/12


501, 2012

Soccer Pro’s International Collection of Soccer Items

January 5th, 2012|


Devyn Baldus, Zoe Moura, and I did our leadership project for Soccer Pro’s international collection of soccer items for kids that need them. First, we gave out flyers to RAGE teams, as well as our team—U11 Grey—to show that we would be putting out collection boxes for a week at the Sports Park in Pleasanton. After a week, we had collected many items such as balls, backpacks, flags, shin guards, socks, cleats, uniforms, and flags. On December 14th, we went to Soccer Pro to drop off the items we had collected. We got to see pictures of past collections that went to Haiti, and Costa Rica, as well as receiving Soccer Pro t-shirts (pictured at bottom) to commemorate the collection. I learned that it is very simple to make people’s lives much, much happier. I am so glad that we got to help many kids have soccer equipment!

Julianna Pereira

 Posted: 1/5/12

501, 2012

E-Soccer Program

January 5th, 2012|

For my service project I decided to volunteer at our local E-Soccer program. It is an organization throughout California that helps kids with mental challenges play soccer and get out of the house in a good environment. I mostly worked with kids from ages four to seven, and it was really gratify to see these kids, and being able to work with them. I felt really blessed seeing how easy my life was compared to the kids and the parents. It was also interesting to see these kids playing the sport I loved, and enjoying it just as much as me. It really brought back memories, or feelings of when I was little and how much I loved to play the game. Because now soccer can sometimes be all about winning, training, and just being the champion player out there that you kind of lose some of the love of the game. However, teaching these kids really reminded me that the game of soccer isn’t about politics but getting out and having fun like I used to. It was interesting to see how the kids could teach

501, 2012

Winter Wonderland Project

January 5th, 2012|

We were invited to partake in the “Winter Wonderland Project” We really wanted to make the project our own so, we had a meeting and planned it out, and with a little help executed it very well. We decided the best way to make it our own, was to earn the money on our own to buy fleece to donate. We did this by cooking hot dogs, baking treats and other miscellaneous items and selling them at the Sports Park. Kira Broacha set it up with her sister’s U13 team that we would be selling refreshments on a specific date. We all prepped food, made signs and put our best sales face on. After 2 ½ hours and a lot of walking around to neighboring games , we made $114.00 dollars.

 u11orangebThe next Saturday after our own game, we met at JoAnne’s Fabrics, coupons and money in hand, and personally selected and purchased fleece to donate for the project. In total, we purchased enough to make 28 blankets and received additional donations of fleece. We enlisted our

301, 2011

Letter & Care Packages For Our Troops

January 3rd, 2011|

For my leadership project I decided to write letters to service people and collect items to send overseas in care packages.  I knew that the soldiers like to receive mail and care packages from back home so I wanted to give back to them since they are sacrificing time with their families to keep our country safe.  The organization that I chose to go through is called Blue Star Moms of the East Bay.  I asked family & family friends to contribute what they could and I used my own money too.  I bought things such as snacks, toiletries, batteries, etc and I also wrote letters to be included in the packages .  The website that you can visit if you would like to show your support to our troops is www.bluestarmoms.org.

 Ariana Cisneros, U11 Grey

Posted: 1/3/11

301, 2011

Shepherd’s Gate Blankets

January 3rd, 2011|

For my leadership project, I looked up some websites and called a few places that need warm blankets. I just happened to come across the Shepherd’s Gate. The mission at Shepherd’s Gate is to meet the practical, spiritual, and emotional needs of battered and homeless women and children through the love of Jesus Christ, equipping them to lead a life of faith, hope, and love and to reach out to others in His name.  Shepherd’s Gate is a shelter of kids and moms that have been abused. So I decided to make three blankets for the homeless children and moms, which is just in time for the cold and long winter.  We went and purchased fleece fabrics, matching threads, and needles to complete our needed materials.  My mom and I worked together.  I put pins all around the cut-off fabric and to fasten them into place, and then Mom sewed them together for a finished blanket.  We delivered the blankets on December 30 at their Livermore site.
This was a very fun process working with my mom and at the same time it gave me pride and

301, 2011

Toys For Tots

January 3rd, 2011|

For our leadership project, we collected toys for Toys for Tots.  We made flyers and gave them out to neighbors, friends and teammates.  They were also given the option to make a monetary donation on line.  We had great results.  Items collected include:  Books, board and card games, educational and baby toys, art supplies and stuffed animals.  We even received clothes. 

Collecting for Toys for Tots was a great experience and now more kids can have a great Christmas.
Lauren Epps, U14AC


Posted: 1/3/11

301, 2011

Books For Barrios

January 3rd, 2011|

We participated in the Soccer Leadership Program and at the end of the program we had to do a community service project. We all got together and decided to do a children’s book drive. We all took action in different ways. Some talked to their class, while others collected books from their neighborhood. We set a goal for the group to collect 500 books.

 We decided the books we collected would be donated to Books for Barrios. Books for Barrios is an organization that collects all different things from books to gently used clothing and toys for underprivileged children in the Philippians. A couple times a year, they will go to the Philippians and give all of the kids and schools the donations they collected. When we delivered the books, they gave us a tour of the warehouse and we also helped pack boxes for their next delivery. They were thrilled at how many books we had collected-there were over 800 books!!! We all loved knowing that we helped many kids in need. This experience was amazing and from now on we will help people more often.

Thank you

301, 2011

Teaching Seniors English

January 3rd, 2011|

Hi my name is Lailinda Xu. Have you ever seen your grandparents not able to say any words, like, can’t pronounce it? Probably not, if your grandparent’s native language is English. That’s why I decided for my community project I decided to go to my grandparent’s senior center and teach some of their friends (including them) English, because they take English as a 2nd language, not their native language. I taught them things like grocery shopping, how to look at commercials, a map of Pleasanton and how to say cities near them, like Dublin, Fremont, etc. I also taught them some holiday songs for them to sing on Christmas, or their birthday, since they didn’t always know what to sing or do during a holiday party. Lastly, I taught them some of the addresses, or how to say them, like the Pleasanton Public Library. I think this helped them because now they know some of the basics, and so they won’t fumble short on words every time they want to go somewher. They even suggested me to come back and teach them again! I look forward to

3112, 2010

Passback US Soccer Foundation – Share the equipment. Share the game!

December 31st, 2010|

For our leadership project we collected soccer equipment to send to the US Soccer Foundation’s Passback program, which sends new or used soccer supplies to organizations that need the equipment. We chose Passback because we wanted to do something that was challenging, fun, and had something to do with soccer; Passback had all of these things. After choosing what we where going to do, we had to design and hand out fliers to advertise the collection.  We then decorated bins and put them out at local locations such as: Sports Park, Donlon, Val Vista, and companies such as: Body Max, All Star Sports, and Soccer Pro. Thanks to Pleasanton’s generosity, we collected 440 pieces of equipment: 72 pairs of socks, 108 jerseys, 53 shorts, 46 balls, 63 pairs of cleats, 3 goals, 5 warm up tops, 4 warm up bottoms, 27 pairs of shin guards, 5 goalie tops, 8 goalie gloves, 3 soccer bags, 2 pennies, 1 cone, 37 practice shirts, and finally 2 pairs of indoor shoes. The local Passback donation group we selected was Club Manchester from Stockton which is young and growing soccer club.

3112, 2010

Toys for Tots Drive

December 31st, 2010|

Lauren and I turned in the toys for the Toys for Tots organization after a couple weeks of collecting toys from our neighbors, sports teams, friends, and family, etc. I got some toys from my soccer team at one of our occasional practices. I also donated some toys from my own old toy collection and finally my family bought some new toys as well. Lauren did a really good job of collecting toys from neighbors and her basketball team. It turned out to be a really big collection of toys, we dropped them off at the fire station and we got a couple pictures with one of the firemen who was really happy to take the toys from us (I’ll attach the pictures). They explained to us that they would hand over the toys to a church and the church would personally give the toys to the family in need; knowing this Lauren and I walked away feeling happy about our good deed and hope to try new things like such to help others in need again! 

-Monica Medor

Posted: 12/31/10

1512, 2010

Toys For Tots

December 15th, 2010|

We participated in the Leadership Program and learned that we had to do a community service project.  We immediately thought of the Toys for Tots program because we wanted to help kids that were less fortunate than ourselves in our community.  To accomplish our goal to collect a significant number of toys, we needed the help of our friends, teammates and family.  The first thing we did was make up flyers and hand them out in our neighborhood.  The response was incredible and many people were willing to give toys.  We collected about 85-100 toys over a 2-3 week period.  We took all the toys down to the Fire Station near Stoneridge Mall on Sunday, Dec. 12th.  The firemen were amazed by the number of toys we brought! 

By organizing the toy drive, we learned how lucky and fortunate we are to have everything that we need.  It made us feel good to help less fortunate children and hopefully make their holiday a little bit better.  We really appreciate everyone who has supported and helped us with our successful toy drive!  Thank you Erika!

Lisa DeFeo, Mildreth Gil

3011, 2010

Helping Kids In Need

November 30th, 2010|

For our leadership project, we decided to make wheelchair backpacks, activity bags, and travel packs. A wheelchair backpack is a backpack that goes on the back of a wheel chair for people to carry things in them. An activity bag has a book, arts and crafts, and games to play while the kids are in the hospital. A travel pack is for parents that need to stay overnight, and they don’t have any shampoo, conditioner, etc. For the wheelchair backpacks we sewed beautiful fabric together. The activity bags have mini books to read, creative activities like: puzzles, beads, foam balls, and t-shirts to design. The travel packs contain shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and may have: toothbrush, mouthwash, toothpaste, and floss. We both put a bucket in our classrooms to get some materials for the activity bags. We did speeches in our classes talking to them about what we are going to do. We got all sorts of things from arts and crafts to conditioner. All of the classmates brought in at least one thing to donate to the cause. With these donations we are going to give

2411, 2010

Thanksgiving Baskets at St. Augustine Church

November 24th, 2010|

My name is Sarah Broacha and for my service project I went to the St. Augustine church and helped sort food as well as put Thanksgiving baskets together for the people that cannot afford to buy a their own dinner. The first thing we had to do was donate food. Once many people donated some food, we all sorted the food that was given into piles on many rows of tables. After that, we all got some boxes and a sticker with: a name, if they were an adult or child, and how many people in the family. Then, we would take the baskets and fill them up with the food we think would be good for that family. I learned that giving food to others especially for a holiday, is fun to do and very helpful. I also learned that we all should help donate food to help people in need. From now on, since this experience was very fun, I will help organize and give food to people for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. Here are some pictures of my friend and I at the

2411, 2010

Open Heart Kitchen

November 24th, 2010|

On Weds, Nov 17th, 2010 – Hannah Myers (me), Natalie Lambros, Jenna and Jessica O’Neal made 100 bag lunches for Open Heart Kitchen.  We talked to Wendy Weather who works for them and she told us what was needed in each lunch:  a tuna packet, mayo, 2 pieces of bread, rice krispy treat, orange, chips and 2 juice boxes.  They pass out over a 1000 lunches in this area every weekend for school kids who don’t have enough to eat so this was really needed.  My mom delivered the lunches during the day on Thursday the 18th and Wendy told her how happy she was and how generous we were to do this and thankful.  They are really down in their food donations this year and really need more stuff.  This was a cool thing to do – makes us feel like we are giving to others. 

Thank you,
Hannah Myers, Jenna and Jessica O’Neal and Natalie Lambros

Posted: 11/24/10

2501, 2010

Safety Valet

January 25th, 2010|

For my community service I did something called a Safety Valet. I did this with my school. I go every Friday after school to help kids stay safe. I applied awhile back and it is still going on. My job is important to teachers, kids, parents, and others. I stand out side with others for 20 minutes at least. So far kids on their own have done a pretty good job of staying safe. Mostly because their parents are next to them. We have this thing called a red line, this is in front of the school and you have to stay on the right side other wise we say please step on the other side of the red line. If they still don’t come on the other side we blow the whistle. This is my job for the year, my friends and I have a responsibility and we’re going to use it well for  others. 

By: Samantha Frost
U11 Orange


Posted: 01/25/10

1301, 2010

Blankets For Shepherds Gate

January 13th, 2010|

We made four baby blankets and donated them to Shepherd’s Gate. This will help give warmth for many children. Shepherd’s Gate is a shelter for homeless or abused Women and children. They stay there for as long as they want until they learn how to live and to stay away from those that hurt them. It is also a religious shelter and their main saying from God to those who were hurt is; “Yes, I am the gate. Those who come in through me will be saved. Wherever they go they will find green pastures.”

We went to Walmart and purchased fleece to cut out the right size squares and tie them at Megan’s house. We chose baby patterns including teddy bears, Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, and baby zoo animals. This was a fun process.

At the shelter, the people in charge were very nice, they were very happy about getting blankets. We filled out a receipt so that they could send us a thank you note. After we gave these blankets away, we felt good and thought that we did a good deed.

Taylor Campbell

2812, 2009

Valley Humane Society

December 28th, 2009|

Kailyn and I completed our leadership project yesterday.  In the last few weeks we have taken donations from friends and family of pet supplies for Valley Humane Society.  

Yesterday we delivered food, cat liter, leashes, and toys to the animals.  While we were there we visited and played with all the cats waiting to be adopted.
In the future we hope to become volunteers to help care for the animals, but we were told to wait until we are a little older. Emma Theroux U12G and Kailyn Coleman U12G.

Posted: 12/28/09

2312, 2009


December 23rd, 2009|

Since I have pets, and I love animals, I decided to help the Valley Humane Society. They had a list on the website of things to donate, so I made a flier that had my name, an explanation of what I was doing, and the list. I put them all around my neighborhood, and my mom sent them to some other people. The results were very good: about 9 or 10 blankets, 5 bags of dog food, 2 bags of cat food, 2 bags of cat litter, toys, lots of paper towels, paper plates, paper cups, pillows, 4 swiffer products, toilet paper, flea control, a huge tub of soap, 3 normal-size liquid hand soaps, 2 collars, and $45. (I didnt’ count, so all of that was estimated). Happy holidays!

Kayln Epps U13AC
Posted: 12/23/09

2112, 2009


December 21st, 2009|


Spenser Jaye, U14P player, worked on a project for her Rage leadership class.  She had her team work together with her on it. She did a Toys for Tots charity drive, so younger kids could have a Christmas that they never have had before.  Spenser and her teammates made that happen this year! Spenser collected toys from her team and delivered them to Pleasanton Firestation #1 last Friday.  She met Patrick, a firefighter who took time out to congratulate her and her teams hard work.

Posted: 12/21/09

912, 2009

Collecting Books for Mrs. Schnurr’s Class

December 9th, 2009|

 For our Leadership project, we collected books for Mrs. Sandy Schnurr’s third grade class. Mrs. Sandy Schnurr teaches at Rodeo Hills Elementary School. She was in desperate need of books for her classroom. A lot of her students were reading below the class level and she did not have enough reading materials to improve their reading skills. So we decided we would collect new or gently used books to give these kids a chance to improve their reading skills. We set a lofty goal of collecting 100 books and we exceeded our expectations by collecting 205 books. The books we collected were at different elementary reading levels so it would benefit her entire class. Mrs. Schnurr was very excited and very thankful. We hope our project helps these kids develop a love for reading. – Anjali Rai, Marisa Riordan, & Cassie Santana


Cassie, Anjali, and Marisa did another part of a project together:

bagsWe also went to Harvest Park and cleaned up the trash that was lying around everywhere. We collected more garbage than we thought we would which, is

2911, 2009

Juggling for Toys for Tots

November 29th, 2009|

Yesterday was the day Olivia Christensen from RAGE U12W did her Juggling Project to raise money for Toys for Tots.
” I got 398 juggles in 5 minutes.  For Coach Nick only, I continued to juggle until I reached 1000…it took about 12 – 15 minutes.  I raised $263, which is a lot of money when you’re buying toys for little kids who are less fortunate.  My mom took me to Target and gave me a cart to start the shopping.  We kept a list of how much we were spending, and were able to fill up the entire cart.             

After that, we went to the Fire Station in Pleasanton to donate the gifts. The firemen were very proud of my donation and impressed with my project. Take a look at the pictures.  Thank you so much for helping me with my project.  The children will definitely appreciate the toys this year.”

Posted: November 29, 2009

1011, 2009

Hike for the Haven—a HUGE Success!!

November 10th, 2009|

Olivia Brown, Paige Hughes and their RAGE U14AC soccer team raised $1,025.00 for the Tri-Valley Haven—just exceeding their original goal of $1,000. As a community service project for the RAGE Leadership Program, Olivia and Paige, with the help of naturalist and photographer Sue Evans, organized the morning hike up the Pleasanton Ridge and into Augustin Bernal Park on Sunday, November 8.  It was a beautiful day, and a great way to give back to the Pleasanton Community. (Photo by Sue Evans)
Posted: November 10, 2009

2610, 0209

RAGE U15 Walks for Diabetes

October 26th, 0209|