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Quick tip for Juniors & Sophomores seeking on-campus meetings with college coaches.

Remember to add to your emails… “I understand that NCAA rules prevent you from replying to my email. However, I would be most grateful if you could reply to our Rage College Advisor at or my club coach ______________________ to co-ordinate my visit. I greatly appreciate your time and consideration”

Welcome to the Pleasanton RAGE College Advisory Page

When it comes to players obtaining coveted college roster spots, RAGE is one of the most successful clubs on the West Coast. But these days there are more myths than truths surrounding the process of becoming a collegiate student athlete – and we’re here to help.

Being a valued member of the RAGE family, no matter what age group or team, you already have the advantage of a club committed to helping every player who has the desire to be on a college roster. The process has changed drastically over the past five years and RAGE can help make sure you have all the tools you need to be successful in this journey.

Coaches of in-demand colleges receive as many as a hundred emails and videos every day from all over the world. They have about 15 minutes at a showcase tournament to see a player who has emailed them, and they are typically looking for a handful of players for specific positions for a specific year. With thousands of players to choose from, how a player markets and brands herself throughout the process is critical.

Following are a few tips for players: 

  • Do not rely solely on your club or coach to get you a college roster spot.  The club has an important role but the recruitment process is very personal and up to 80% of the work has to be done by player and her family.
  • Obtain an evaluation of your skills. Your RAGE coach and trainer will give you an honest appraisal of your fit within a program.
  • Target college ID camps. Do not repeatedly attend the same college camps or spend valuable time and resources exclusively on schools that are exceedingly selective.
  • Remember, players and parents are always being watched. Character on and off the field is a major deciding factor for coaches.
  • A simple tweet or a Facebook post can cost a player a college roster spot.  Have your social media footprint scrubbed and make good choices.
  • Do your homework on schools before emailing them or attending their camps. Is the college a good academic fit? Will you adjust to the coach’s needs and style of play? Are you willing to do the work to meet a college coach’s demands? Can your family afford this college especially if circumstances change?
  • Learn how to communicate with college coaches by phone and in person. Practice this very important skill.
  • Create your personal brand so that coaches want to come and see you play.
  • Have a professional email address, spell check your written communications, and make your emails personal to each coach.
  • Keep in mind there are excellent options in each NCAA division of play as well as at NAIA colleges.
  • Do not expect a full athletic scholarship, they are very rare. Research athletic, academic, and financial aid so that you can get the best package for you and your family.
  • Learn how to deal with your calls or emails not being returned by coaches, or hearing the message that you’re not a good fit.  There are almost a thousand schools to choose from and yours is out there.
  • Success is attainable for nearly every player who wants to become a student athlete. You just need to put the work in and rely on the resources of your club, coaches, counselors, and outside education specialists.


Pleasanton Rage is pleased to refer and utilize the services of  iSoccerPath as an educational advisory company for college bound players and their parents. iSoccerPath has designed and implemented comprehensive parent and player education and assistance programs that include assessment of skills on the field and skills in the classroom. Founded by a former US National Women’s Soccer Team Coach, an MLS professional player, and parents of Division 1 athletic scholarship sons and daughters, iSoccerPath seeks to educate, evaluate, and work with youth players and their parents over the course of their middle and high school years to best position players to become student athletes at the collegiate level. If you have a child who loves to play soccer and harbors aspirations of attending university, then take a look at what iSoccerPath has to offer at

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