2017 Rec, Flight & Comp Registration

Registration Instructions

Existing Rage Family:

Please note we are using a new registration system. You will need to reset your password and reconfirm / re-enter some family information.

1.)  Registration Home page: ragesc.calnorthlive.com

2.)  Click the Member Login button

3.)  Click Forgot password

4.)  Enter the primary email address for your account

5.)  Sign in with your primary email address and temporary password

6.)  Enter a new password

7.)  Click on the names under Member Profiles to validate / update profile info

8.)  Click Add A Family Member if needed

9.)  Click Register Now to register players and coaches

10.) Follow the registration instructions

New Rage Family:

1.)  Registration Home page: ragesc.calnorthlive.com

2.)  Click the Member Login button

3.)  Click the Create a new Bonzi Account tab

4.)  Enter the primary email address and password

5.)  Click Create my Bonzi Account

6.)  Click Add A Family Member

7.)  Enter the information to create a new family member profile

7.)  Click Register Now to register players and coaches

8.)  Follow the registration instructions



$215 starting June 1
$255 starting July 1
$280 starting June 1
$320 starting July 1


Multi Player Discount ($50)
Head Coach Reimbursement ($100)
Volunteer Reimbursement ($50)


Flight Program $105
Out of Town Player $50
Returned Check Fee $25
NOTE: A birth certificate image is required to register a new player.
Questions:  Contact Tamie Shadle – TamieShadle@pleasantonrage.org

Thank you for being a valued member of the Pleasanton Rage family.