FLIGHT Program Description

FLIGHT Program: (U9/10-14)

Rage Flight is a non-exclusionary Recreational Soccer Program – every player who registers for Flight will be placed on a team.  At least one year of prior soccer experience is strongly recommended. Flight is designed for those players who desire to have a more serious approach to their Recreational soccer experience.  The cost of the Flight Program is $105 per player in addition to the standard Recreational Player registration fee.


Rage Flight Program Features

Training Sessions

  • 4 individual team training sessions with a Professional RAGE Technical Trainer
  • 2 multi-team training sessions with a Professional RAGE Technical Trainer

All training sessions will be designed according to individual team needs.  Sessions will include both individual skills training as well as a focus on age group appropriate team tactics.  Coaches should be present at all training sessions for their teams. 

Team Formation

  • Teams will be formed based on input from Rage staff and Flight coaches following two Flight Evaluation days.  This enables Rage to provide a competitively balanced league that significantly benefits all players.  Flight Evaluation details will be provided to all registered players.


  • Team standings will be kept for all Flight age groups.  Any awards for Flight teams are dependent on the league in which the team plays.

Pleasanton Rage Flight Jamboree

  • The season ending Pleasanton Rage Flight Jamboree is a unique Rage only tournament that provides a fun and exciting end to the season for players, coaches, and parents.

 U9/U10 – 2014 is the first year the Flight program will be offered to this combined age group and registration will be limited to 66 players for its inaugural season.  This Flight age group will combine U9 and U10 players and will follow the U10 Rec Rules and Guidelines. If you have a U9 player interested in this program, please consider their physical and emotional readiness to face the challenge of playing older players on a larger field.

U12 Flight – U12 is historically the most popular age group within Flight.  Based on registration numbers, U12 will play other Rage Flight teams exclusively on Pleasanton fields.

U14 Flight – U14 Flight teams may be placed in a local traveling house league where they will play against teams from other local clubs.


U9/10 Tuesday, 5/27
Friday, 5/30
4:30 – 5:30 PM Donlon
U12 Tuesday, 5/27
Friday, 5/30
5:30 – 6:30 PM Donlon
U14 Tuesday, 5/27
Friday, 5/30
6:30 – 7:30 PM Donlon

Please REGISTER your player for Flight prior to May 27 to be pre-populated on the 2014 Flight Evaluation list.

Players will be manually added to the list at the Evaluation events if they have not yet been registered.

We recommend that players attend both evaluation days.  Please bring a ball and arrive 10 minutes early to sign-in.