Age Group Chart

Pleasanton Rage is required to follow US Soccer age group definitions which change starting in 2016.
These age group definition changes are necessary to align US Soccer with international standards.

For the Competitive program:

  • All Competitive try-outs for 2016 will be held based on new 2016 age group definitions
  • 2015 U13 and younger Comp groups will convert to new age group definitions starting in Spring 2016
  • 2015 U14 and older Comp groups will convert starting Fall 2016

The Recreational program may combine age groups to optimize the number of players in a given group.  For example, U11 and U12 players will typically play in a combined U12 group.  Any request to play in a different age group must be made through the Rage Support Request form, must have a valid hardship related rationale, and must be approved by Rage Staff.  Play down requests can be considered only for players with a diagnosed disability.