RAGE PCA Resource Center

Tools and Resources for Coaches, Parents and Athletes

Our goal within RAGE is to foster a Positive Coaching culture. In addition to workshops and general communication for coaches and parents, we have established (with help from PCA) this Resource Center, which provides various tools, resources and ideas to assist you in helping to make our Positive Coaching culture a reality.
Whether you’re a coach, parent or player, please take advantage of these resources to promote and protect the concepts of Positive Coaching within our club, within your team, and for yourself.

Dan Copenhagen
RAGE PCA Director

PCA Workshop for All Parents


In our continuing efforts to maintain a positive, supportive culture within our club, we are partnering with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) again this year. Upcoming workshops for parents have been scheduled, and we strongly encourage one parent from every household to attend. This will help foster respect on the sidelines for officials, opponents, players and coaches. Coaches will also be completing the PCA Double-Goal training this month.

Please pick from one of the following 4 sessions. We look forward to seeing you there!

For Parents: 

  •  Thurs, August 27, 7:00 – 8:00 pm @ Harvest Park multi-purpose room
  •  Thurs, August 27, 8:00 – 9:00 pm @ Harvest Park 
  •  Weds, Sept 2, 7:00 – 8:00 pm @ Pleasanton Middle School, multi-purpose
  •  Weds, Sept 2, 8:00 – 9:00 @ Pleasanton Middle School 

Thanks in advance for your time!

Dan Copenhagen & The Rage Board of Directors


PCA Workshop for All Rage Coaches

pca In our continuing efforts to maintain a positive, development oriented culture for our recreational and competitive players, we are again partnering with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) this year. As part of this effort, we have scheduled workshops for both coaches and parents, with an emphasis on getting new coaches and one parent from every household through a PCA workshop.

As coaches, we need your attendance, as well as assistance to get the word out to parents involved in your team(s). An email blast will also be going out directly.

For Coaches: 

Weds August 26, 7:00 to 9:00 pm @ Pleasanton Middle School multi-purpose room

* All new coaches are required to attend; and the workshop is recommended for all Rec and Comp coaches as a valuable refresher. If you are out of town, please contact me to make other arrangements for attendance.

Thanks for committing your time and energy as a coach for Rage. And remember to “honor the game” as you embark on a new season.

Dan Copenhagen – PCA Director, RAGE

PCA Parents Workshop

To: All Parents of Rage Players

Re: PCA workshops


Thank You to all of the Rage Parents who attended one of the PCA workshops in August.  We had over 520 Parents attend!  Hopefully you came away with useful information as we work to maintain a positive culture for our kids.

For those who could not attend, there’s still an opportunity to fulfill your required attendance by completing the online Double-Goal Parent course.

[su_highlight background=”#fffd99″]Second-Goal Parent® online course – INSTRUCTIONS[/su_highlight]

1. Go to http://shopping.positivecoach.org/Store/Courses/Second-Goal-Parent, and click “Register with voucher code.” (Option #1)
2. Enter Voucher Code; PleasantonGS818 (case sensitive) at the top of the registration page and complete the form.
3. Once you have completed the registration, you will be directed to the Second-Goal Parent course.

Thanks again, and Go Rage!

Dan Copenhagen – PCA Director

By partnering with PCA, you have made a commitment to place character education at the top of your coaching objectives and to create a Positive Coaching culture in which athletes can grow, be challenged and have fun.
As you know, the culture-changing process will not happen overnight. We’re here to help you put a structure in place that will allow your Positive Coaching initiative to grow year after year.




A Parent’s role in his/her child’s youth sports experience is to let the players and coaches focus on winning while he/she provides unconditional support for the child independent of performance. The list of tools below provide insight into how parents can contribute to an “Honor the Game” culture.

PCA believes that the goal for any athlete should be to become a Triple-Impact Competitor.  The motto of a Triple-Impact Competitor is “better”:  making yourself, your teammates and the game better.
Triple-Impact Competitors make positive contributions on three levels:
* Personal Mastery: Making oneself better
* Leadership: Making one’s teammates better
* Honoring the Game: Making the sport better

PCA believes sports has two goals.
#1:  Striving to win
#2:  Learning about yourself and life.

Check out the tools below to learn more.

During a PCA Leadership Roundtable Call, Bruce Horowitz — co-founder of 2007 National Youth Sports Award Winner Beverly Hills Basketball League (BHBL) — explained how message bombardment fuels the league’s full implementation of its Positive Coaching initiative.

Bruce spoke of “2 minute drill” e-mails that he regularly sends to parents and coaches, highlighting nuggets of PCA wisdom. His aim: Sharing enough PCA principles with enough people that Honoring the Game becomes the cultural norm.

We’ve borrowed the “2 minute drill” from BHBL and will produce a new “drill” each month for both parents and coaches. We will send each “drill” to partners in PDF, text and web link.

We hope you forward each “2 minute drill” to all coaches and parents in your organization as a step toward ensuring the success of your Positive Coaching initiative.