Opening Day Parade




The RAGE/BUSC OPENING DAY PARADE 2013 – SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 7 While there were a lot of great costumes, and team cheer, the following are the “winners” of the Opening Day Parade (there are multiple winners, and there should be even more): 1) Team – Best Costume – U10 Jellyfish, U8 Martians (honorable mentions to U7 Tiger Cats, U10 Jellybeans, U10 Jaybirds, U8 Marlins, U8 Matadors, U12 Bears) 2) Best Dressed Coach – U10 Jellyfish, U10 Jesters (honorable mentions to U9 Pandas, U6 Dreamgirls ) 3) Best Banner – U9 Peacocks, U6 Doodlebugs (honorable mentions to the U8 Monkeys) 4) Best Team Cheer – U6 Daffodils, U9 Pumas 5) Most Spirited Teams – U8 Monarchs, U9 Polar Bears There was also a “Best Team Mascot” write-in vote for the U7 Tigerlillies… And “Best use of a Prop” U12 Her-ricanes….. Lots of great costumes, the kids were spectacular, as were their coaches and parents.