Quick tip for Juniors & Sophomores seeking on-campus meetings with college coaches.

Remember to add to your emails… “I understand that NCAA rules prevent you from replying to my email. However, I would be most grateful if you could reply to our Rage College Advisor at or my club coach ______________________ to co-ordinate my visit. I greatly appreciate your time and consideration”

Welcome to the College Advisory Service for all freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior student-athletes who represent the Pleasanton Rage Soccer Club.

The objective of this program is to provide players and parents with resources and advice regarding the collegiate recruiting process.

The first step in this process is to arrange a meeting with the College Advisory, who will provide you with a plan, and discuss your daughter’s collegiate goals. Our College Advisor is John Byford:

Please email him directly to schedule an appointment.

Prior to your meeting be sure to prepare a list of at least 25 colleges you have an interest in and be ready to provide a rationale for your choices. The following links provide important information to help you achieve your collegiate soccer objectives.

This service will also advise the parent and student-athlete on the following: Unofficial visits, Official visits, the SAT & ACT, NCAA recruiting rules, College soccer camps, and the NCAA Clearinghouse (
Please make sure you bring a copy of your high school transcripts to your Advisor Meeting.


College Recruiting Process Resources