173 Spring Street, Suite 100
Pleasanton, 94566
Phone: 925-251-9116 Fax: 925-251-9152
Normal office hours: 9am - 12pm


PO Box 885
Pleasanton, CA 94566

If you have specific issues, you need to contact your Age Group Coordinator.  If you need to, you can call the Rage Phone (above) and leave a message, someone will return your call.

2016 Board of Directors

DirectorBruce Hershey director@pleasantonrage.org

Position Name Phone Email
President Brian Damiani 251-9116 rage-president@pleasantonrage.org
Competitive VP Steve Moura rage-comp-vp@pleasantonrage.org
Recreational VP Mike Stewart 251-9116 rage-rec-vp@pleasantonrage.org
Competitive Associate VP Cindy Whitehand comp-assoc-vp@pleasantonrage.org
Recreational Associate VP Dan Allari rec-assoc-vp@pleasantonrage.org
Secretary Martha Brown rage-secretary@pleasantonrage.org
Treasurer Ross Stonesifer 925-523-3640 rage-treasurer@pleasantonrage.org
Scheduler Tamie Shadle rage-scheduler@pleasantonrage.org
Parliamentarian Martha Brown rage-parliamentarian@pleasantonrage.org
Registrar Tamie Shadle 251-9116 rage-registrar@pleasantonrage.org
PCA Director Rob Guerra rage-pca@pleasantonrage.org
Risk Mgmt Coordinator Martha Brown RiskManagement@pleasantonrage.org
GSSL Rep Tech Staff/Steve Moura GSSLRep@pleasantonrage.org
TOPSoccer Dan Allari TOPSoccer@pleasantonrage.org
Newsletter Editor Erika Carlson rage-newsletter@pleasantonrage.org
Director Jon Asmussen director@pleasantonrage.org
Director Bret Gervasoni director@pleasantonrage.org
Director Ray Morgan director@pleasantonrage.org
Director David Wright director@pleasantonrage.org

2016 Technical Staff

Position Name Phone Email
Technical Director Philippe Blin 251-9116 X1001 rage-td@pleasantonrage.org
Recreational Youth Director Megan Walinski 251-9116×1000


Assistant Director of Coaching Walter Pratte 251-9116 X1002 WalterPratte@pleasantonrage.org
Technical Staff; Equipment Manager Darin Preszler 251-9116 X1003 DarinPreszler@pleasantonrage.org
Technical Staff Axel Thibodeau AxelThibodeau@pleasantonrage.org
Club Administrator Tamie Shadle 251-9116 X1000 TamieShadle@pleasantonrage.org
RAGE Bookkeeper Carol Sparks books@pleasantonrage.org
Website Development Annette Fotos webmaster@pleasantonrage.org

2016 Members At Large

Position Name Phone Email
RAGE College ShowcaseOlders and Youngers Marty Florian director@rageshowcase.org
PSRA Liaison Rob Guerra rage-refs@pleasantonrage.org
RAGE Ombudsman Joni Little rage-ombudsman@pleasantonrage.org
Sponsorship Coordinator Lisa Wilson rage-sponsors@pleasantonrage.org
Volunteer Coordinator Martha Brown rage-volunteers@pleasantonrage.org
Picture Day Tamie Shadle pictures@pleasantonrage.org
Comp & Rec Uniform Coordinator Angela Gervasoni uniforms@pleasantonrage.org
RAGE Wear Coordinator Shelley Walker/Martha Brown rage-wear@pleasantonrage.org
Mentoring Program – Big Sis/Little Sis Kerri Hunter mentoring@pleasantonrage.org
ECNL Administrator Tamie Shadle 251-9116 X1000 ECNLadmin@pleasantonrage.org