Mentoring Program

What Is It?


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WHAT: Each season, we coordinate “sisters” by “pairing up” Pleasanton RAGE teams.

WHEN: Team pairs completed and announced  approximately February-May  for Competitive Teams and August-September for Recreational Teams. Participation for Comp Teams begins the week after July 4 and for Recreation teams approximately  September 1. This program ends after teams’  last games for both Comp and Rec.
Team pairs completed and announced…Participation starts for Comp Teams the week after July 4 and for Recreation teams approximately September 1. The program ends after teams’  last games for both Comp and Rec.

HOW: We create the pairings & notify team manager/coach/rep via email, we list opportunities & organizations for teams and their representatives to contact. We offer the website as a platform to post/ share experiences. We reach out to coaches bi-monthly to encourage their part in mentoring by promoting RAGE character traits listed below.


*To provide a community where teammates, staff, & administration work together promoting positive values, “Big Sister” principles for life

*to foster & practice “cooperative” concepts important to teams

* learn & grow character traits of leaders

*to provide chances for older athletes to reach outside of themselves- showing care and concern for others

*to provide younger athletes the relationship of a “Big Sister”- friendly, caring, sharing, nurturing, and fun

*to give players/teams sharing & communication opportunities of similar circumstances- with luck, blooming into connection that is advantageous for both, and fun


u17 Premier  meet with U11 white and u11 grey

The beauty of the program is that teams and players can do as much as they wish to be with their counterparts. We provide the listing BUT team reps can use the ideas listed here to engage their team and players – or use their own! It’s that easy. Work with other team reps & coaches to coordinate as many times you like throughout the season…Particularly engage players to come up with ideas that THEY WANT TO DO with their “RAGE sisters” and you’ll have them asking when can they do it again!  Highly encourage individual player meetings by offering emails, addresses and telephone numbers so they don’t have to ONLY MEET AS A TEAM with their Little or Big Sister- they can  do it  individually  too!


Useful Links


*Big Sister shares scores with her Little Sister after every game/tournament.

*Little Sisters show up at each their Big Sister games, and sit on the bench- learning more about the game.

* Teams commit to work at Open Heart Kitchen, or another, serving the community.


Great opportunities to help others come seldom, but small ones surround us every day.

Sally Kock



• Practicing self-control & displaying commitment to yourself and team
• Setting goals and working toward them. Encouraging others
• Striving for personal and team improvement
• Telling the truth. Helping the game remain fair
• No cheating, stealing, or half-truths- remain ethical
• Being trustworthy, reliable, and forging fellowship with all players
March – April 
• Using good manners, ethical behavior and positive feelings to guide actions
• Being considerate: honoring the feelings of others. Building teammates confidence
• Dealing peacefully, as best you can, with anger, insults, and disagreements
May – June 
• Being reliable: doing what I say I’ll do and with a good attitude. Appreciating your task in life
• Having the courage to do the right thing & the appreciation for that understanding
• Giving appreciation to those in our lives, our teams, our authority figures and living like this- A HUGE TASK


Ogre Achiever

August – October 
• Always doing my best. Choosing wisely
• Being accountable for my choices. Accepting what comes from those choices
November – December 
• Being kind to myself, others, environment. Care take others
• Helping others in need- even those” unlike” me. Create TEAM unity. Speak up when division occurs
• Be forgiving. Speak it. Show it–even to adults

 Any questions or ideas?  CONTACT:
Big Sister/ Little Sister Mentor Program Director

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Competitive Team Matches

2014 Big Sister Little Sister Pairings. (start date: July 7, 2014)

Once you have located your Sister Team, use the following URL to email the team coach and ask for their Big Sis Representative’s contact information

 U9 Orange. Coach Dave Shaw  U18 Premier. Coach Mike Beiler
 U9 White. Coach Nick Mangiardi  U18 Premier. Coach Mike Beiler
 U9 Grey. Coach Brooke Mayo  u13 Orange. Coach Trisha Gonzales
 U9 Black. Coach Susan Guzzle  U13 White. Coach Tim Bordley
 U9 Silver. Coach Brooke Mayo  U13 Orange. Coach Trisha Gonzales
 U10 Orange. Coach Ramiro Rodriguez  U16 Premier. Coach Tim Grey
 U10 White. Coach Luis Siu  U16 Orange. Coach Luis Siu
 U10 Grey. Coach Ailsa Smith  u14 Orange. Coach Rob Pandolfo.
 U10 Black. Coach Ray Hooft  u15 Premier. Coach Axel Thibodeau
 U10 Silver. Jennifer Mayo.  u14 White. Coach Amanda Luxford
 U11 Orange. Coach Tina Estrada  U18 ECNL. Coach Tina Estrada
 U11 White. Coach Jose Torres  U17 Premier. Coach Jose Torres
 U11 Grey. Coach Nicole Irwin  U15 Orange. Coach Marissa Kalchik
 U11 Black. Coach Nina Cefalo  U15 Orange. Coach Marissa Kalchik
 U12 Premier. Coach Darin Preszler  U14 Premier. Coach Darin Preszler
 U12 Orange. Jarreth Chan  U17 Orange. Coach Jose Iniguez
 U12 White. Jarreth Chan  U17 Orange. Coach Jose Iniguez
 U13 Premier. Coach Walter Pratte  U16 ECNL. Coach Walter Pratte
 U13 Orange. Coach Trisha Gonzales  U9 Grey & Silver.Both w Coach Brooke Mayo.
 U13 White. Coach Tim Bordley  U9 Black. Coach Susan Gazzuolo
 U14 Premier. Coach Darin Preszler  U12 Premier. Coach Darin Preszler.
 U14 Orange. Coach Rob Pandolfo  U10 Grey.  Coach Ailsa Smith
 U14 White. Coach Amanda Luxford  U10 Silver. Coach Jennifer Mayo.
 U15 ECNL. Coach John Byford  U17ECNL. Coach John Byford
 U15 Premier. Axel Thibodeau  U10 Black. Coach Ray Hooft.
 U15 Orange. Coach Marissa Kalchik  U11 Black  (Coach Cefalo) & U11 Grey (Coach Irwin)
 U16 ECNL. Coach Walter Pratte  U13 Premier. Coach Walter Pratte.
 U16 Premier. Coach Tim Grey  U10 Orange. Coach Ramiro Rodriquez
 U16 Orange. Coach Luis Siu  U10 White. Coach Luis Siu
 U17 ECNL. Coach John Byford  U15 ECNL. Coach John Byford
 U17 Premier. Coach Jose Torres  U11 White. Coach Jose Torres.
 U17 Orange. Coach Jose Iniquez  U12 Orange & U12 White. Both w Coach Jarreth Chan
 U18 ECNL. Coach Tina Estrada  U11 Orange. Coach Tina Estrada
 U18 Premier. Coach Mike Beiler  U9 Orange (Coach Shaw) & U9 White( Mangiardi)

(updated 6-2-14)

Recreation Team Matches
2014-15 team pairings pdf

(updated 04-2014)