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7 01, 2012

SPCA Giving Tree Project

For our leadership project, we first started with a meeting at the SPCA. We decided as a group to do the giving tree. The giving tree is where people select ornaments from the tree that has items that they need for the animals. We started with decorating ornaments, then set up the tree and hung up the ornaments. Every week somebody from our group would come by and check on the tree and put the donations in the donation room. This project continued through New Years. We are excited to see that there were a lot of donations for the animals. We collected a wide variety of items for the SPCA.  Some of them include dog and cat food, a large box of leashes, dog kongs (chew toys), cat scratcher towers, a large dog bed, chew bones and pet snacks, dog and cat collars, and money donations.  At the end we collected all of the addresses of people who donated and hand wrote thank you notes to them. We are happy that we could help the SPCA, take a part in saving animals lives.

Quinn Lombardi, Holly Judson, Delaney Soble, Kiera Hegarty, Maddy Mole



Posted: 1/7/12

5 01, 2012

The Giving Tree

For my leadership project, through my soccer club, Rage, my four teammates and I decided to do the giving tree. This project was a program that the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) did every year around the holidays. Our job was to set up a fake Christmas tree, and decorate it with tons of paper ornaments saying what they needed for the animals.

 At first, I was thinking that the project would be a lot of work, but then I realized that if I tried my best, the animals living there would get a benefit from it. After spending hours making over 60 ornaments, I was extremely tired. With all of the help from my mom and my younger sister, things were much easier. Once this task was finished, my group and I could go to the SPCA and put up the tree, decorate it and put baskets under it. On a hot Wednesday after practice, we all arrived at the SPCA. An employee there, Ellen, told us to get the tree, decorate it and then she would lead us to a closet full of baskets. It was so cool! When we finished all of our tasks, we could go see the homeless dogs and cats. It made me really depressed seeing all of them sitting there with nothing to play with. A second after seeing the cute pets I remembered that one of the items on the wish list was toys. Knowing that the animals would receive a toy for the holidays really cheered me up! With our parents emailing nonstop everything was up to date. They coordinated this process, which was, each girl would go one week and take all of the items to the donation room. When I went, I almost fainted! There were tons of donations under the tree. Wow, this project was awesome!

 I feel that this project changed my life because it was very educational and because I can carry the fact with me everywhere that I changed some animal’s lives! Now in the future I know about all of the programs the SPCA has to help the animals. I learned, on top of all of the interesting facts about the SPCA, that helping is so fun. Even though you have to put a lot of time and work into the activity you are doing, you can change someone’s life in a very special way. 


Posted: 1/5/12

5 01, 2012

Help for Fellow Soccer Player

In October 2011, one of our fellow soccer players from Tri-Valley Force was diagnosed with bone cancer. She had been in a great deal of pain and had seen a Physical Therapist for some time before the therapist recommended her to see a doctor. It was then she discovered the bone disease.

Breezy has been very sick and her medical bills are very high. So, after my team had heard about Breezy’s game at Amador High School, my coach, mom, and I found it the perfect opportunity to raise money for Breezy. With the help of my mom we contacted many people to tell them about Breezy’s fundraiser. I hand made the poster and talked to people to encourage them to donate. In the end we raised $643.00! We have sent the money to Breezy’s family and we really hope it helps.

Thank you for teaching us about leadership,

Karin L. McCarty

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Posted: 1/5/12


5 01, 2012

Soccer Pro’s International Collection of Soccer Items


Devyn Baldus, Zoe Moura, and I did our leadership project for Soccer Pro’s international collection of soccer items for kids that need them. First, we gave out flyers to RAGE teams, as well as our team—U11 Grey—to show that we would be putting out collection boxes for a week at the Sports Park in Pleasanton. After a week, we had collected many items such as balls, backpacks, flags, shin guards, socks, cleats, uniforms, and flags. On December 14th, we went to Soccer Pro to drop off the items we had collected. We got to see pictures of past collections that went to Haiti, and Costa Rica, as well as receiving Soccer Pro t-shirts (pictured at bottom) to commemorate the collection. I learned that it is very simple to make people’s lives much, much happier. I am so glad that we got to help many kids have soccer equipment!

Julianna Pereira

 Posted: 1/5/12

5 01, 2012

E-Soccer Program

For my service project I decided to volunteer at our local E-Soccer program. It is an organization throughout California that helps kids with mental challenges play soccer and get out of the house in a good environment. I mostly worked with kids from ages four to seven, and it was really gratify to see these kids, and being able to work with them. I felt really blessed seeing how easy my life was compared to the kids and the parents. It was also interesting to see these kids playing the sport I loved, and enjoying it just as much as me. It really brought back memories, or feelings of when I was little and how much I loved to play the game. Because now soccer can sometimes be all about winning, training, and just being the champion player out there that you kind of lose some of the love of the game. However, teaching these kids really reminded me that the game of soccer isn’t about politics but getting out and having fun like I used to. It was interesting to see how the kids could teach you just as much as you could teach them. Also how they were extremely energetic. I also learned some new coaching strategies, and just how you interact with these kids, because yes they are different. You have to teach them differently and treat them differently sometimes, but they do care a lot about the game and having fun. You might have to communicate with these kids differently but I know they are just as intelligent, and wonderful as any other kids you could meet; even if they were a little hard to handle sometimes. It was amazing also seeing so many other helpers coming out to play with them too, I even got my teammate Erin to help out which was really fun, seeing her play with the kids as well. I feel extremely blessed by this because I hope not only did I give something, but I know that I received something from these kids as well. A new found love of the game because of how much you could see they loved being out there, because this was special for them, and they didn’t always get to do it, and it was amazing seeing their energy and the happiness in their eyes when they scored a goal or kicked a ball; something I will always remember and cherish.

Amanda Chun



Posted: 1/5/12

5 01, 2012

Winter Wonderland Project

We were invited to partake in the “Winter Wonderland Project” We really wanted to make the project our own so, we had a meeting and planned it out, and with a little help executed it very well. We decided the best way to make it our own, was to earn the money on our own to buy fleece to donate. We did this by cooking hot dogs, baking treats and other miscellaneous items and selling them at the Sports Park. Kira Broacha set it up with her sister’s U13 team that we would be selling refreshments on a specific date. We all prepped food, made signs and put our best sales face on. After 2 ½ hours and a lot of walking around to neighboring games , we made $114.00 dollars.

 u11orangebThe next Saturday after our own game, we met at JoAnne’s Fabrics, coupons and money in hand, and personally selected and purchased fleece to donate for the project. In total, we purchased enough to make 28 blankets and received additional donations of fleece. We enlisted our teammates, including Coach Walter, siblings and friends to help with the project and ended up with a great turn out. In total the entire crew made 89 cut and tie blankets. We were very grateful to be a part of making these Foster children happy and warm and felt fulfilled about the way we went about organizing our endeavors. We worked awesome as a group!

Thank you for the tools you have given us!


Molly Griston, Kira Broacha, Nikki Trucco and Lexi Trucco

U11 Orange
Posted: 1/5/12

3 01, 2011

Letter & Care Packages For Our Troops

For my leadership project I decided to write letters to service people and collect items to send overseas in care packages.  I knew that the soldiers like to receive mail and care packages from back home so I wanted to give back to them since they are sacrificing time with their families to keep our country safe.  The organization that I chose to go through is called Blue Star Moms of the East Bay.  I asked family & family friends to contribute what they could and I used my own money too.  I bought things such as snacks, toiletries, batteries, etc and I also wrote letters to be included in the packages .  The website that you can visit if you would like to show your support to our troops is www.bluestarmoms.org.

 Ariana Cisneros, U11 Grey

Posted: 1/3/11

3 01, 2011

Shepherd’s Gate Blankets

For my leadership project, I looked up some websites and called a few places that need warm blankets. I just happened to come across the Shepherd’s Gate. The mission at Shepherd’s Gate is to meet the practical, spiritual, and emotional needs of battered and homeless women and children through the love of Jesus Christ, equipping them to lead a life of faith, hope, and love and to reach out to others in His name.  Shepherd’s Gate is a shelter of kids and moms that have been abused. So I decided to make three blankets for the homeless children and moms, which is just in time for the cold and long winter.  We went and purchased fleece fabrics, matching threads, and needles to complete our needed materials.  My mom and I worked together.  I put pins all around the cut-off fabric and to fasten them into place, and then Mom sewed them together for a finished blanket.  We delivered the blankets on December 30 at their Livermore site.
This was a very fun process working with my mom and at the same time it gave me pride and joy to have achieved this goal in my small way to help out needy kids and abused moms.   Just a little tip for you all, don’t do this last minute, do it way before the holidays to beat the crowd.

The people in charge were very friendly and appreciative that I chose Shepherd’s Gate.

  Jenyce Dutcher
U12 Rage White Team

Posted: 1/3/11

3 01, 2011

Toys For Tots

For our leadership project, we collected toys for Toys for Tots.  We made flyers and gave them out to neighbors, friends and teammates.  They were also given the option to make a monetary donation on line.  We had great results.  Items collected include:  Books, board and card games, educational and baby toys, art supplies and stuffed animals.  We even received clothes. 

Collecting for Toys for Tots was a great experience and now more kids can have a great Christmas.
Lauren Epps, U14AC


Posted: 1/3/11

3 01, 2011

Books For Barrios

We participated in the Soccer Leadership Program and at the end of the program we had to do a community service project. We all got together and decided to do a children’s book drive. We all took action in different ways. Some talked to their class, while others collected books from their neighborhood. We set a goal for the group to collect 500 books.

 We decided the books we collected would be donated to Books for Barrios. Books for Barrios is an organization that collects all different things from books to gently used clothing and toys for underprivileged children in the Philippians. A couple times a year, they will go to the Philippians and give all of the kids and schools the donations they collected. When we delivered the books, they gave us a tour of the warehouse and we also helped pack boxes for their next delivery. They were thrilled at how many books we had collected-there were over 800 books!!! We all loved knowing that we helped many kids in need. This experience was amazing and from now on we will help people more often.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Leadership class.

Audrey Goodman, Tami Kwong, Taylor Noval, Nicole Riordan, Lilly Ryan

Posted: 1/3/11