January 2014


Message From the Parliamentarian

Martha Brown RAGE Parliamentarian

We are pleased to announce the newly elected members of the RAGE Board of Directors. We appreciate your participation in the voting process. The results are posted below. Congratulations to all!
Jon Asmussen
Dan Copenhagen
Brian Damiani
Mark Hjerpe
Steve Moura
Jim Nicholas
David Wright
Erika Carlson

At the first meeting of the 2014 calendar year, the Board
elected, from its 15 members, the Executive Committee.
President: Jim Nicholas
Competitive Vice President: Steve Moura
Recreational Vice President: Mark Hjerpe
Treasurer: Ross Stonesifer
Secretary: Brian Damiani

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Winter Treasurer Report

Ross Stonesifer, Treasurer

moneyThanks to our membership for making this a very successful fall season. Our Rec program grew its numbers slightly following a few years of decline, brought on by the serious economic conditions that started in 2007-8. We anticipate that sustained economic growth in Northern California will allow us to further enhance our program numbers.

A recent survey of our Recreational program encouraged us that we were definitely on the right path as a very high percentage of responses (94+%) said a very good or excellent experience was realized during the season. The vast majority of parents felt the cost was reasonable. It has been quite a few years since we raised our registration fees even though we have continued to see higher costs. We have managed to breakeven in the Rec program through new non-season academies and various cost control efforts, which have largely been exhausted. Having said that, we will most likely ask the Board to approve no changes in the Rec fee for 2014. That may lead to a moderate deficit for Rec, but one that is certainly manageable. We feel it is essential to enhance the quality of the experience of our 1750 players.

Our Competitive program has a June 30 fiscal year. I have reported in the past that 2013 broke even and the same results are expected for FY2014. We develop the fee and travel structure for Comp generally by placements which begin in early-spring, based on fairly predictable costs (largely professional coaches and staff). Our Competitive program has been growing numbers over the past decade as RAGE is clearly one of the leading clubs in Northern California. Our Player/Parent Survey which has recently been posted always offers us a number of creative ideas how we can improve going forward. We are truly grateful for your insights.

Our balance sheet, published monthly at http://pleasantonrage.org/about/ (financial tab) is extremely strong, offering the opportunity to take some “risks”, such as hiring personnel in anticipation of growth, buying state-of-the-art equipment, funding facilities in cooperation with other sports groups and, perhaps most importantly, making long term planning possible.

Questions about our financial statements may be directed to the club treasurer, Ross Stonesifer, at stone6096@aol.com.

In a successful effort to enroll many more U5/6 and U7 players in our program, we lowered registration fees considerably in 2013.
Late this year we purchased $10,000 in new merchandise, as we nearly completed a several year effort to liquidate outdated product.
We moved our office from BodyMax to a much smaller office, which carried a higher price. Moving expenses accounted for the increase.
The Comp program is taking a much greater portion of the time of our Program Director, so we have adjusted that cost allocation.  Rec uses paid coaches to support the Flight and U8 programs. Flight players pay for their added service, and we offer U8s professional training, at no additional charge, as they transition to a more highly skilled level.
In 2012, the Pleasanton Sports Council agreed to a request by the PUSD that we fund field maintenance at five schools at a cost of $25 per Rec player.
We over-accrued Referee fees in 2012, so 2013 was a "catch-up" year in reverse.

An Advocate for Players

Joni Little, RAGE Ombusdsman

Happy New Year everyone.  I am Joni Little, RAGE Ombudsman.  The purpose of my role is to be an advocate for players, parents and the RAGE staff.  As you are all aware, there is a protocol in place for addressing concerns or issues, however, if a need arises for a facilitator or for confidentiality I am available to help.  I have served on the RAGE Board for 10 years in several different capacities so I have a very good understanding of all areas of the RAGE Club.  The best way to reach me is by email at jlittle104@att.net.
Thank you and have a great 2014!

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Positive Coaching Alliance

Dan Copenhagen, PCA Director

pca(American) Football is in its playoff run, and the stakes for winning or losing are very high.  Nowhere was this more evident than during the recent 49ers vs. Panthers game, where tempers were boiling from the start.  During the entire first half, both teams played as if they hated each other.  It was a glorified gang fight, marred by in-your-face trash talking, head butts, intimidation, and bullying.  As a fan watching this, I started to sense my own frustration and blood pressure rising as the conflicts increased.  A friend commented, "can't they just get on with playing the game"?  It was ugly sport, and the poor sportsmanship certainly overshadowed the great skills and strategy of these two very good teams.  Even one of the announcers was getting a little fed up.  The referees attempted to intervene, but not too much.  After all, a heated conflict sells tickets and advertising, and entertainment is the name of the game for the NFL.  Thankfully the teams settled down after halftime, as if the commissioner himself had seen enough and visited both locker rooms.  The game became a game again, rather than a fight, and it was refreshing to see a few instances of good sportsmanship on display.

Were you too watching this game?  Or maybe you've seen a similar situation unfold during another professional game?  The challenge, of course, is that our kids are often sitting there watching with us, with their minds and emotions in formative stages.  Does a game like this encourage them to verbally or physically intimidate, bully or fight an opponent while playing a match?  I hope not.  But it's our role as parents to help them make the distinction.  We must teach them that money and entertainment drive professional sports, while the goal with our youth sports is to develop skills as a player and person, and have fun.  Take a moment next time you're watching a near fight break out during a professional or college game to remind your child of the importance of being a great competitor, showing respect for the opponent, the  officials, and the rules.  After all, without them on the field, the game would be rather one-sided, and really not much fun to play or watch at all! 

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Our New Logo

Steve Moura, Board of Directors

PCA     A logo is one element of an organization's identity. After a long debate, the RAGE Board voted to make some changes to our logo, which we now introduce to our Membership. Several decades ago, our logo was of a slightly cartoonish chubby little girl, running with a soccer ball at her feet. About 15 years ago, Pleasanton Girls Soccer initiated its competitive soccer effort. With it came a perception that our logo could recognize the victory of the United States women's national soccer team at the 1991 World Cup. The characterization of RAGE soccer was changed to a depiction of the celebration that followed the winning PK of Brandi Chastain, an area native and Santa Clara University graduate.

     Women's soccer will always be tied to that World Cup moment over 20 years ago, but it is now much more, and RAGE wanted to recognize that soccer is a team sport that reflects the hard work of many. Some amateur and professional clubs around the world have set themselves apart by including stars in their logos to represent the winning of national titles. Our new logo recognizes the two national championships won by our Club. Equally important is that the logo serves to challenge our players to add stars to the logo in coming years. Winning is part of competition, but we must always remember that RAGE stands for Respect, Attitude, Greatness, and Expectations.
     We would like to thank Kathy Schoendienst for the photo of our original logo. Kathy’s mother-in-law was one of the creators of Pleasanton Girls Soccer.



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