September 2013


Message From the President

Jim Nicholas, RAGE President

On behalf of the Pleasanton Rage Staff and Board of Directors, I would like to welcome you all to another wonderful season of Rage soccer.  A few days ago, many of us were up early and watched as our daughters marched down Main Street in our Opening Day parade - an event that is synonymous with the start of the soccer season.  This was one of our largest parades in recent years, and the mood was wonderful.  As the season begins, we ask everyone to remember the true spirit of the game.  Provide an enjoyable atmosphere for your daughter to play the game.  Be a model of behavior on the sideline towards both the opponents and the officials.  

And finally, be courteous and respectful in your communication with your coach.  Soccer in Pleasanton is only possible through the efforts of our large volunteer base, our staff, and our referee community.  Please remember to thank them all for the time that they have put in to make the soccer experience for your daughter and your family a positive one.

See you out on the fields!

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Message from our Competitive VP

John Grozier, Competitive VP

September 7th was opening day for the RAGE competitive program.  Over 540 players ages 8 to 19 on 36 teams will be out representing RAGE in 5 different competitive  leagues in Northern California and in the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL). We expect it to be a great season.  Thanks to each of our families for supporting our 3 tournaments over the summer.  These tournaments were a great success brining over 5,000 players to Pleasanton to compete.

During the year, we introduced some new concussion guidelines for all teams (both recreational and competitive).  It is important that each of you familiarize yourself with the policy in the event that your player or teammate shows signs of being concussed.  Click here to review the policy and guidelines

For those of you that are high school aged, please review our college advisory materials and tools available for free to all club members.  Even if you think you might not play soccer in college, please review the materials on the website. 

While your grades and test scores are the primary drivers for college admission, showing the commitment and the discipline to participate at the competitive level all through high school just might be the difference that gets you into the school you want.  Stephanie Wieger, RAGE staff coach, runs our college advisory service.  You can find her contact info on the same link above.

We remain a club firmly entrenched in the principles of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).  Our expectation is that all coaches, players, and parents follow these guidelines.  We expect all coaches, players, and parents to show respect for each other, teammates, referees, opponents, and opposing spectators.  We honor the game by following these principles and showing respect. 

Best of luck for a great season.

Message from Recreational VP

Mark Hjerpe, Recreational VP

As it does every year, our Recreational Soccer Fall Season started with the Soccer Parade in downtown Pleasanton.  With over 1,000 players participating, the Parade traveled down Main Street as all the participants looked forward to the Opening Day games.  Please check out the website for pictures of the parade, and the winners of best costume, best dressed coach, best banner, best team cheer, and best team spirit.  Thank you to all the parade volunteers, coaches, players, parents, Board of Director members, and Pleasanton Rage staff for making the event go so smoothly, and for keeping it fun for the kids.

The Pleasanton Rage Recreational Program experienced some growth in membership for the upcoming season, and we have a good number of new members in the lower age groups.  We would like to welcome them to our club, and our hope is that they have a prosperous soccer career.
This season, the Recreational Program has prioritized providing support and education for our wonderful volunteer coaches.  Along with the age specific coaching manuals, coaching classes (including field time) and number of other educational resources, the club added a Coach Mentoring Program to help assist those new coaches in the club with developing their coaching plans and knowledge of the game, as well as being able to assist all coaches in the event there are areas in which they could use the club’s support.  This focus is being made in an effort to make the coaching position a little easier, less stressful, and more effective.  Additional benefits of this program are the improvement of on-field play and the increased enjoyment of the game for our players.
Included with this year’s new group of Recreational coaches are a few high school students who bravely offered to coach some younger teams.  We are hoping this will be a rewarding experience for both the coaches and their players. This also satisfies high school requirements for community service.  We plan to continue to add more high school student coaches at the younger age groups in the future, benefiting all involved, and filling a real need in the club for additional coaches at the youngest ages.
So, as we head into our Fall Soccer Season, I encourage you all to stay involved in our club by attending the games, providing feedback and input to Rage leadership, and volunteering where needed.  Most importantly, please remember to Honor the Game, as taught through our PCA Program.  Keep in mind that the participants (players, coaches, and referees) are all doing their best within a fast paced, continuously flowing game.  Results (including mistakes) are often readily obvious, but what’s most important is recognizing and appreciating the best efforts of everyone involved. 
Have a great soccer season!!!

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Attention All High School Students

Stephanie Wieger, Technical Staff/College Liaison

As the new high school year begins, we would like to take this opportunity to remind ALL our high school students of the free services we provide for those of you who have some interest in playing college soccer. Many of our Comp players will have an interest, but for some of our Rec players there may be opportunities to play varsity soccer in college, and certainly an opportunity to play club soccer in college.

As a first step, please go to http://pleasantonrage.org/docs/_2013/COLLEGE_HANDBOOK.pdf
which will provide considerable information about the process. This document is tailored for our Comp teams, but our Rec players will be able to gather useful information as well. You will also find some helpful resources and links on our club site under  the college advisory tab. The next step is to arrange a meeting with our Staff college liaison person, Stephanie Wieger, at swieger@pleasantonrage.org.

Best wishes to all for a successful year in high school and lots of fun on the soccer fields.

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ECNL Newsletter

Steve Moura, Board of Directors

PCA We want our membership to be aware that we will be publishing several times a year a newsletter for and about our ECNL teams. We have five teams in the Elite Clubs National League which compete against about 70 other nationally recognized clubs at U14 and older. If you would like to read more about that program or read that newsletter.

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Finance Update

Ross Stonesifer, Treasurer

moneyFollowing a few years when we saw a slight decline in the fall season Recreational program enrollment, I am pleased to report that we have seen a modest increase this year. The economy has helped, but six to nine months ago your Board decided to take several aggressive steps to enhance the Rec program:

  1. We wanted to continue with our well-received efforts at U8, providing again a professional trainer to work with every team at this age group. There is no added charge for this service.
  2. Our full time Staff developed a comprehensive training manual that will be used by our volunteer Rec coaches this year, in an effort to offer a number of useful drills that are age-appropriate. Additionally one of our Staff will offer coaching clinics through the season. We expect this effort to provide a better learning experience for our daughters and give our volunteer coaches more confidence that they are providing a truly valuable service. We are very grateful to the approximate 100 volunteer coaches.
  3. In an effort to attract more very young players (U5-U7) to the Rec program, we reduced considerably the registration fee. At other ages, we held registration fees flat in spite of an operating loss last year and an expected operating loss this year. We believe this is an appropriate use of reserves to ensure future growth.
  4. The Flight program was completely revitalized, with Ricky Clarke, a very highly regarded professional coach, leading a number of sessions for each team. Volunteer coaches are the backbone of Flight, so we are providing considerable training for those coaches as well. The response by our membership has been extremely positive.

Normally we like our Rec and Comp programs to be self-funding, but this year, because of the enhanced Rec efforts, Comp will provide an approximate $10-15,000 subsidy. Last year we provided you information about how we spend your registration fees, slightly changed this year. That analysis can be found at by clicking here.
Near the end of the season, we will send a survey, asking about the program and how you believe it can be improved and further enhanced. Please give us your thoughts.

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