September 2012



Message From the President

Jim Nicholas, RAGE President

It's that time of year again! Time for the morning coffee run on the way to the soccer fields. Time for the young ones to dress up in costume and march with their dedicated and decorated coaches down Main Street. Yes, it is the Opening Day parade, and the official start of the soccer season here in Pleasanton. The Rage would like to welcome all players and their families to another great year of soccer.

Thank you to all of the volunteers that make this possible. The pre-season tournaments - Rage College Showcase, Juniors College Showcase, and Soccer City Warmup were all very successful events and have set the tone for a wonderful Fall. The Pleasanton Rage has a number of goals and projects for this season, and we can use volunteers at all levels. Two long-time Board members are stepping down at the end of this calendar year, and we need people to fill those big shoes. If this is not the right time, think about taking on a Board role in the next year or two. We can use fresh ideas and new energy.

We wish you all a happy opening weekend and a great season!

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RAGE Board Candidates Needed

Martha Brown, Parliamentarian

A Nominating Committee has been formed and is actively looking for candidates for the RAGE Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is composed of the Executive Committee and other elected Directors. The slate of candidates will be presented at the September, 12 2012 Board meeting. Nominations from the floor may be made at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in October. The candidates for the Board of Directors' positions will be elected in November to take office on January 1, 2013 and will serve for a term of two (2) years. For a description of specific Board of Directors positions, please refer to the "Constitution" and "Bylaws" within the "Club Information" link. If you, or someone you know, is interested, please email rage-parliamentarian@pleasantonrage.org.

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Positive Coaching Alliance

Dan Copenhagen, PCA Rep

pca logoRAGE has continued its commitment this year to a positive, supportive environment for all of our young players.  Partnering again with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), we have completed Double-Goal workshops for nearly 120 coaches and 70 PCA Parent Reps, with more to follow.  The Double-Goal concept is simple.  The first goal is to compete, and strive to win.  The second, and more important goal, is to develop positive life lessons.  Isn't it more important that our child takes away from her season certain life skills that she can use beyond the soccer field?  Life skills such as discipline, focus, teamwork, fitness, learning from mistakes, and understanding the power and energy of having fun?  By not focusing solely on the scoreboard and winning, we can each contribute to keeping the romance in the game for our kids, and avoid making it a job for them.  If players are having fun, they'll build more passion to play hard and master the skills - and the success on the scoreboard just won't matter as much!

Here are some Game Day Tips:

Before the game:

  • Tell your child you are proud of her regardless of how well she plays
  • Tell your child to play hard and have fun.  Remind her that it's okay to be nervous ("nervous is normal").
  • Make a commitment to yourself to Honor the Game no matter what others may do

During the game:

  • Let the coaches coach.  Avoid giving your child or other players advice during the game.  It's important for player to think and solve problems on their own; and by the time you say something, the moment has changed anyway.
  • Fill your child's - and teammates - Emotional Tank
  • Cheer good plays and good effort - by BOTH teams
  • Mention good calls by the officials to other parents
  • Remember to relax and have fun!  Enjoy the beautiful game.

After the game:

  • Thank the officials for doing a difficult job.
  • Thank the coaches for their effort.
  • Let your daughter tell you about the game - avoid the "post-game analysis", unless asked.  Remember she was their too!
  • Ask open ended questions - "What was the most/least enjoyable part of the game?", "What did you learn?"
  • Tell your daughter again you are proud of her (especially if the game didn't go well).  But, don't deliver praise that's not truthful and specific.

What if:

  • The official makes a "bad" call?  Honor the Game - resist the urge to berate the official.  It's difficult work, and part of the game.
  • Another parent or spectator on your team begins to berate the official?  Remind the, nicely, to Honor the Game.  

Have a great season!

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Martha Brown, Parliamentarian

September 15, 2012: Third Annual Kick-A-Thon will be held at Pleasanton Middle School during Picture Day.  The Kick-A-Thon is a Club-wide event to raise money for fields upkeep and scholarships.  Teams from U5 to U19 will participate by getting pledges and then stepping up to the line to see who can kick the ball the farthest. Teams with 100% participation will be entered into a raffle, AND, the team that raises the most money will be awarded a pizza party!!  Have Fun and Go RAGE!!

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Big/Little Sis Mentoring Program

Karrie Smith, Mentoring Program

Big Sis Litle Sis Mentoring ProgramWelcome to Pleasanton RAGE 2012-13 season!
In cooperation with Positive Coaching Alliance, PUSD Community of Character, Tri-Valley YMCA, Excellence in Sports Performance & Values.com, RAGE brings both competitive and recreation teams our Big/Little Sister Mentor Programming!
 By popular request, all 2012-13 teams will be paired with another RAGE team to form Big/Little “Sister” Teams!
Mission:  A plausible mentoring program for the RAGE community with club-wide, web-posted character education
*Help foster growth of GREAT KIDS, not just GREAT PLAYERS.
*Provide camaraderie of community where teammates, coaches, staff and parents work together promoting positive values -“Big Sister” principles and behavior
*Provide young athletes the “relationship” of a mentor player and this gives the older athletes an opportunity to reach “beyond themselves to care for others”
When: September 1, 2012 thru end of season 2012-13
How: Coaches will be provided a defined team via email by September 1, with whom they can connect and form plans for their own Big/Little Sister year together!  Feel free to delegate to a designated team parent.

For more programming information: www.PleasantonRage.org.
click left hand tab -Mentoring Program
HELP?  Karrie Smith, Director, Keepersmit@comcast.net, 925-963-9815

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Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy Recap

Precious Akanyirige (U17 ECNL)

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy. It was held from July 21st-July 26th at Menlo College in Atherton, CA. I had an incredible experience and I would really recommend the camp for anyone. The camp centers on leadership, as the name suggest. As a camper you participate in different activities that are fun, but also help you build your leadership skills little by little. The best part is that you never feel like you are just taking a leadership class. The activities range from soccer drills, to classroom sessions, to team building. However, while you are building your leadership skills, you are still playing soccer. We had morning sessions for about two hours and evening sessions for about an hour and a half. It is great how they integrated leadership and soccer together so well. You were put into teams by age group and you train with your team every day. This way, everyone really gets into their team spirit and you are proud and excited to compete against the other teams. As the week goes on you become closer to your team and clear leaders emerge. Different people start to speak up more and take charge, and everyone played better together as we became a closer team. I was able to meet a lot of new friends from all over the US and I still talk to some of them. Since you are constantly with your team it sometimes feels like you have been friends forever.  The camp was a huge success in large part because of the staff. They are all great people and soccer players who really care about everyone. I met amazing players such as Julie Foudy (US National Team), Aly Wagner (US National Team), Jen Ruiz (Mexico National Team and member of the Bay Breeze), Maddie Payne (member of the RAGE “Dream Team” and player for Boston College), and many more. Meeting these role models and also being coached by them for a week was an honor and a great experience. The coaches were always enthusiastic and competitive, and it made us all want to keep working even when we were exhausted. They gave us great soccer advice but also allowed us to do our own thing into order for us to grow as players and leaders. At the end of the camp we had a World Cup Tournament. My team didn’t win, and although I was a little bit frustrated, I was happy because of all the fun I’d had that day and the whole week. At the awards ceremony I received the award for leader of the week and I was given a new Puma cleat that was signed by the whole staff. I was presented my award by none other than Aly Wagner. It was an incredible honor and I was ecstatic! I took a lot away from this camp that I strive to use in my everyday life. The camp motivated me to become a better leader, player, and community member. I will continue to live the motto of the camp, “Choose to Matter,” by completing my service project. I will try to collect food to donate to shelters. I absolutely loved this camp and I thank RAGE so much for this opportunity!

RAGE is pleased to announce that Precious has just accepted an athletic scholarship to Baylor University. Best of luck to you Precious!

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