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There are a few events that will be taking place between now and the start of the 2011 Soccer Season.
Recreational Teams have been formed and Coaches have received their Team Rosters at our Recreational Coaches’ Meeting that was held on July 20. Coaches should be contacting players with Team Parent Meeting times. Practices are allowed to begin no sooner than August 1. The 2011 Season officially begins on Sat. Sept. 10.
Which brings me to two other events on opening day, the Annual Soccer Parade down Main St. and the RAGE Pasta Feed. The Parade usually starts at 7:15am at the corner of Main and St. Mary’s, and continues down main and around the block. The players dress in costumes according to their Team name, and awards are presented at the Pasta Feed that evening.

The Pasta Feed will take place opening day in the evening at the Hart Middle School Multi Purpose Room from 6:30-9, for all to enjoy after your first day of Soccer. Last Season’s Pasta Feed was a GREAT success, and we are looking forward to its success again this Season. You will be receiving more information from your Coach.

I would like to Thank ALL of the Coaches that volunteered their time for our 2010 Season. The RAGE League KNOWS we could not have such a successful Soccer program for Pleasanton without all of our volunteers, especially the parents who take the time out of their busy lives to Coach our girls. THANK YOU!!

If you ever have any questions regarding your daughter, RAGE and our philosophies, you are always welcome to contact a Board member via e-mail.
We will see you on the Soccer Fields!
“Dare To Dream”

Lara Schreiber

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Leagues for Competitive Teams in 2011-2012

A key aspect of player development for The Pleasanton RAGE program is to provide the most challenging level of play for each female athlete to pursue her love of the game.  From the recreational level to the highest competitive level, there is a level of play to match our shared goals with respect to player development.  As the 2011-2012 season starts, there will be a few changes to the regular season schedules for the under-14 thru under-18 competitive teams.   Here is a quick breakdown of league play by age group:
Same leagues as previous year:

  • All U9-U13 competitive teams will continue in the NorCal Premier State or Regional Leagues and the NorCal State Cup
  • U14 White (AC), U14 Grey, U14 Black will continue in the NorCal Premier State and Regional Leagues and the NorCal State Cup
  • U15-U18 Premier teams will continue in the Elite Clubs National League

New league for Fall 2011

  • U14 Premier will compete in the Elite Clubs National League regional play and national events
  • U15-U17 AC teams will compete in the NorCal Premier State League and play in the NorCal State Cup
  • U15-U19 Division 3 teams will play in the CCSL East Bay Division and play in the CYSA Association Cup
  • U18AC will compete in the NorCal Premier Regional Academy League and play in the NorCal State Cup

For the U14-U18 Premier teams, the ECNL league will now become their regular season league.  Each team will play the other five teams in their conference twice, once home and once away.  The teams in our conference are Mustang Soccer Club, De Anza Force Soccer Club, San Juan Soccer Club, Washington Premier, and Washington Crossfire.  The teams will then play several cross conference games with teams from Southern CA.  In addition, the teams will attend up to 3 of the national tournaments (depending on age)  as well as the national championships.  This will mean some big changes to our seasons.  These older premier teams will no longer play in the CYSA State Cup.  Their seasons will be more similar to a college like season with home and away trips to the teams in their conference.  It does, however, expose our players to the highest level of competition available. 
Many of our teams will shift from CYSA sponsored leagues to the US Club Soccer sponsored NorCal Premier leagues.  Many of the opponents will remain the same, but the State Cup follows a seeding round format prior to elimination rounds.  There are many other benefits afforded by the US Club system that are happening behind the scenes.  No matter your player’s level of play, this league line up aligns with our Club goals.

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Positive Coaching Alliance

freeOccasionally I hear funny things from parents sitting on the sidelines, such as the common “Shoot it!”  I chuckle at this one for two reasons.  First, I know from years of playing and coaching that by the time a player hears “Shoot it!”, the scene will have changed drastically.  In fact, the scene unfolding in front of the goal is not really the way you and I perceive it at all.  As pressure builds with a scoring chance, time and space shrink for a player in that particular moment, and their reality is much different.  Second, in order to maximize strength and location of a shot, coaches almost always promote patience as a scoring chance emerges.  In fact, as you often see at the highest levels, players are most effective when “passing” the ball into the goal, as opposed to shooting it.  A reminder: avoid yelling “Shoot it” from the sideline. 

As the fall season approaches, I find myself in a strange place, sitting on the sidelines as a parent – not as a coach.  After 11 years of coaching, I’m taking a year off, and I feel like a fish out of water.  As a parent, how can I help my daughters and their teams compete hard and win games?  What can I do to also encourage life lessons I hope my daughters will take away from the game – skills such as discipline, teamwork, perseverance, and respect?  With both of these questions in mind, I realize that my role as a parent is not wholly different from my role as a coach (except as it relates to technical & tactical aspects, such as above).  Fundamentally our job is to always keep it positive for players (for both teams).  This allows them to go out and play hard, have fun and learn.  At the end of the day, isn’t that winning?

Here are some other positive game day tips, courtesy PCA:
• Tell your child you are proud of him or her regardless of how well he or she plays.
• Tell your child to play hard and have fun. Remind him or her that it’s okay to be nervous
(“Nervous is normal”).
• Make a commitment to yourself to Honor the Game no matter what others may do.
• Let the coaches coach. Avoid giving your child (or other players) advice during the game.
• Fill your child’s (and teammates’) Emotional Tank.
• Cheer good plays and good efforts by both teams.
• Mention good calls by the officials to others.
• Enjoy it. It’ll be over before you know it.
• Thank the officials for doing a difficult job.
• Thank the coaches for their effort.
• Let your child tell you about the game (avoid giving your post-game analysis unless asked). Ask open-ended questions:
“What was the most/least enjoyable part of the game?”
“What did you learn from the game?”
• Tell your child again that you are proud of him or her! (especially if the game didn't go well!)

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RAGE Board of Directors Annual Elections

for 2011

A Nominating Committee has been formed and is actively looking for candidates for the RAGE Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is composed of the Executive Committee and other elected Directors.

The slate of candidates will be presented at the September, 14 2011 Board meeting. Nominations from the floor may be made at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in October. The candidates for the Board of Directors' positions will be elected in November to take office on January 1, 2012 and will serve for a term of two (2) years.

For a description of specific Board of Directors positions, please refer to the "Constitution" and "Bylaws" within the "About Our Club" link. If you, or someone you know, is interested, please email

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2nd Annual Kick-A-Thon

kick a thonSeptember 17, 2011: Second Annual Kick-A-Thon will be held at Pleasanton Middle School during Picture Day.

The Kick-A-Thon is a Club-wide event to raise money for fields upkeep and scholarships. Teams from U5 to U19 will participate by getting pledges and then stepping up to the line to see who can kick the ball the farthest. Teams with 100% participation will be entered into a raffle, AND, the team that raises the most money will be awarded a pizza party!!
Check the website for details.

Have Fun and Go RAGE!!

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