ECNL Edition - Summer/Fall 2013


ECNL LogoWalter Pratte’s comments on his U18 team during the College Showcase in July:

The team just got back from being away from home for 7 days to compete at the highest level during the ECNL National Championships.  They qualified for this event after their strong showing during the ECNL Playoffs in June.  After that 7 day trip, the team faced adversity that they’d never experienced before.  They had 1 practice prior to playing 4 games during the Showcase.  After an event, the teams usually gets some light training in to recover because they are very draining both physically and mentally.  By the time the national championship event had completed, they only had 3 bench players due to various injuries.  The team also had to deal with losing some very experienced players who Walter terms their 3 Towers:  Haley Chow, Marissa Scheid and Jessica Jochheim who had all been seniors and were off to college after the National Championships. Coach Pratte was very proud of how the team kept working for each other all year long.  They showed respect to the coaching staff on the sideline, as well as the opposition, and keep fighting to the last seconds of the final game of the Showcase.  After being 1-0 down to West Coast FC from SoCal, they didn’t stop working and scored a great goal on a header in the last 30 seconds of the game.  The team spirit was great!  During the Showcase they only gave up 1 goal in the 4 games they played and finished first in their group.

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A description of Rachel Bonotan’s experience at the Philippine Women’s National Training Camp.

(Rachel plays for Ricky Clarke’s U16 ECNL team)

College Signing NightWhat do you do when you've pushed your hardest but you're expected to push harder? When I attended the two week long training camp/ try out for the Philippine Women's National Team, it was clear from the beginning that I was there to show the trainers and the coaches who I was and what I had to offer. I am Rachel Bonotan and I am 15 years old. I was the youngest girl who was trying out for the National Team. Even though I was the youngest, that was no excuse not to keep up with the older players. For the training sessions, we had two practices a day which were two hours each. From 7:30- 9:30 am and from 1:00- 3:00 pm, our bodies, hearts, and minds belonged to the trainers and we were expected to give our all and nothing less. While I was there, I learned that you don't just need the skill to make the team, but you also have to work your butt off 100% of the time and have a true love for the game. At our practices, I felt like we were non-stop running and always working. You could tell who was working the hardest because that person would always have the ball. 

There were around thirty players in and out of the two week session throughout the United States. This camp was such a great opportunity to meet so many new people who all share the same love for the game. Many of the players were already committed to a college, in college playing soccer, or out of college and it made me really look up to them. One of the players formally played on the Seattle Sounders Women's Team. They all have inspired me to never give up. This training camp was such a great experience and I learned so much. With hard work I really do believe you can achieve anything. 

"If you leave this camp and the coach doesn't remember your name, then you didn't do your job." -- Heather Cooke (Third year playing for the Malditas Philippine Women's National Team)

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Thoughts from our Director of Coaching Philippe Blin

The college coaches are very impressed with the way the RAGE teams are trying to play good soccer. After watching most of the games during the showcase, here are a few of Philippe’s thoughts…



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Finance Update

Ross Stonesifer, Treasurer

moneyFinancial Information: Travel Costs and Training Fees
Thank you for participating in the RAGE ECNL program. We realize this is an expensive undertaking, largely because of travel. We try hard to minimize travel costs, but within the mission of keeping players secure while traveling with their teams. We value suggestions you have.
Following are the travel cost estimates for the June 30, 2014 year.

  • U14: $1500
  • U15: $4400
  • U16: $5200
  • U17: $5200
  • U18: $2900

Each ECNL team is assessed a monthly travel fee based on estimates of costs related to expected travel. This assessment does not include any post-season travel, such as National Play-offs or National Championships for U14 or U18, but do for the other three age groups ($1100 estimated for Play-offs). We do not know where these events will be held. This past year, the U17 team was invited to the National Championship games in Richmond. The cost was about $1800, somewhat subsidized by a private donation and a subsidy from ECNL. We strongly urge all teams consider fund raising to offset travel costs.
We believe that with the help of chaperons’ cost control efforts, we will not exceed the above estimates, but we have seen a significant increase in airfares. To save some money, we are experimenting with having three chaperons per team for regular events, perhaps with the exception of U14 which is a new experience for players and parents alike.
The above estimate for U18s also includes some limited costs (entry fee and coach travel reimbursement) for a trip to Surf over Thanksgiving. Plans are not definite.
Training cost for all teams is $2500 for a nine month dual season. Teams will not train during the high school break (mid-November through mid-February), but there will be an alternative training program available at an additional cost for those who voluntarily decide not to play high school soccer. Since each player may have different views on this possibility, we will tailor any training on an individual or player group basis.
If you have any financial questions or comments, please contact the RAGE Club Treasurer at stone6096@aol.com.

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Showcase Coaches Panel

The panel was held at the theater at Amador Valley HS during the Saturday evening of the College Showcase. 

It was a packed house with players and parents looking to get the chance to listen to, and ask questions of, a number of NCAA College coaches.  There were 9 coaches from various levels of college soccer including Div 1, 2, 3 and NAIA.  There were also 6 former RAGE players on hand to answer questions.
The main message was that you should always choose a school that fits you because ultimately, that is where you are spending the next 4+ years of your life and you have to enjoy that school. 
Soccer is a big commitment in college.  There are many perks which include tutors and class scheduling assistance.  However, the commitment to college soccer has a big say in a student’s time.  Between the training, classes and studying, it demands very good time management skills.
A question was asked to the players to describe the recruiting process they went through and why they ultimately chose the schools they went too.  Two of the girls indicated that the schools they ended up choosing weren’t on their original list of chosen schools.  The players were seen at an event and those college coaches engaged them in discussions of interest.  The message is, as always, play your best all the time because you never know who is watching.
Finally, social media is everywhere now.  When asked how they utilized those tools, the coaches indicated that they do research them to make sure they are getting quality people.  The message was, don’t put anything online that you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see.

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Pre-Season College Liaison Survey

     We conducted a brief survey of our U14 and older teams to seek advice on how we can enhance our College Liaison program.  Following are key points, but we will be working on all your suggestions. We will be more proactive in communicating with ALL of our older Comp players to determine interest in playing in college.

  • The player, however, should aggressively participate no later than the start of her SOPHOMORE year. Please do not delay. This is extremely important. See http://pleasantonrage.org/pages/college-advisory.php  You may set an appointment with Stephanie Wieger to discuss college opportunities. Step One will be to identify ten or so colleges of interest. Please identify a few reach schools and some safe schools. Not everyone will qualify for Stanford or UNC, but there are good fits for everyone.
  • We may experiment with an optional overnight trip to the Sacramento area to visit colleges. We would need parent volunteers to drive and chaperon, so please advise if you can help. Cost might be $200 per player.
  • ECNL teams will play in San Diego during April 11-14. We will consider an optional extra day for those who would like to visit several area campuses.
  • Nearly everyone who responded found our fee collection system to meet their needs. If you would like to discuss your own plan, please be proactive if and when your circumstances change.
  • RAGE has a sub-committee of the Board charged with enhancing the ECNL program. If you have questions or suggestions about the program, please direct them to Ross Stonesifer at stone6096@aol.com.

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